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Diet and training - Jeremy Buendia

Diet and training of athlete Jeremy Buendia

Jeremy Buendia is a relatively recent name in the fitness world, however, he was the winner of the Men's Physique category at Olympia 2014, that is, the largest physical culture competition in the world.

Now 23, this athlete had already been placed in second position last year at the Olympia Men's Physique and, this year, managed to take the trophy home.


Here we present a training program used by this athlete for the definition / weight loss phase.

Jeremy Buendia's training is quite varied, having lots of Exercises different from training to training and focuses on small circuits done without rest, making this training program extremely demanding.

All circuits are repeated 4x without rest between sets and only then proceed to the next circuit.

jeremy buendia

Monday - Push day

Circuit 1

Circuit 2

  • Crossover 20 reps
  • Sides 20 reps
  • Kettlebel oblique slashers 15 reps each side
  • Oblique side rotation 15 reps each side

Circuit 3

Tuesday - Pull day

Circuit 1

Circuit 2

Circuit 3

jeremy buendia workout

Wednesday - Lower body

Circuit 1

Circuit 2

Thursday - Cardio

Friday - Push upper body

Circuit 1

Circuit 2

Circuit 3

Circuit 4

jeremy buendia diet

Saturday - Pull uper body

Circuit 1

Circuit 2

Circuit 3

Sunday - Lower body

Circuit 1

Circuit 2

jeremy buendia olympia


In addition to the training program, we also present Jeremy Buendia's food in the definition phase.

Unlike your workout, it is a simple diet, with good sources of protein and controlled carbohydrates.

Meal 1: Egg whites with oats

Meal 2: Isolated whey, orange/apple and almonds

Meal 3: Tilapia / Chicken breast with sweet potato

Meal 4: Filet mignon or lean minced meat with asparagus

Meal 5 - Pre workout: Tilapia / Chicken breast with asparagus

Meal 6 - Post-workout: Isolated whey, oats and honey

Instagram Jeremy Buendia

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