beaten virtual gym

Virtual Gym Shake

Recipe for a smoothie without the use of supplements with excellent nutritional values.

"I can't gain weight..."

"I get tired of eating and I'm just this."

OK enough.

We took the previous recipe from protein shake without whey and we created the version hypercaloric.

If you have trouble gaining weight, try adding this shake to your diet.

virtual gym gainer


  • 80g of oats
  • 1 Banana
  • 250g of Quark Cheese
  • 1 tablespoon of honey
  • 10 roasted almonds (optional toasting)
  • 2 tablespoons of stevia
  • 200ml semi-skimmed milk + 300ml water


  • Grind all the ingredients either with a magic wand or in a blender until a homogeneous mixture is obtained.

beaten virtual gym


To avoid residues at the bottom of the container, start by placing the liquid ingredients first.

You can easily find quark cheese in Aldi supermarkets.

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Nutritional value

780 calories

Protein 55g

100g Carbohydrates

Fat 18g

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17 thoughts on “Batido Ginásio Virtual”

    1. You can use it in any meal, in the case of a pre-workout, you should give some time between the shake and the workout because this ends up being a heavy meal.


          It stays, but it always depends on the rest of the food.

          Milk can be replaced by water, or if you prefer, another type of milk, such as oat milk for example.

          As for stevia, it's a sweetener, you can use another one.

        2. Aren't you supposed to be satiated for breakfast with this smoothie? I already had it for breakfast, and I was hungry… :-/


          Yes, it is possible.

          The purpose of this recipe is to increase weight in people with difficulties in achieving it, and therefore, it has ~800 quality calories, easy to ingest, and that doesn't fill you too much like the equivalent in solid food.

          If after an hour you're already hungry, it's probably better to go for something solid (ex:, or add some fats, especially if you have expressed the milk.

  1. Yes, that's the problem, after an hour I'm already hungry...
    But I found this smoothie very practical for breakfast, I've tried everything, oatmeal pancakes, sprinkle crepes, scrambled eggs, wholemeal bread, oatmeal, etc. to be preparing breakfast, and I wanted something more practical, that doesn't give me a lot of work, but I also didn't want a gallon and a toast first thing in the morning (although I actually loved it)

    1. Wellington Celso de Angelo

      make the basics together with two cups of rice and buy a kilo of chicken and a kilo of meat

      knife the rice and put it in four lunch boxes and and the chicken. put the amount you need
      2 or 3 for protein and 4 or 5 for carbohydrate if it gets big more carbo. more (rice)
      give you times your weight and always throw a little more.

      the chicken as soon as you buy already weigh it and put it heavy with the amount you need to always throw a little more because after fried it becomes lighter.

      I like to get everything ready, I make four lunchboxes, 7 pm at night they are ready I work at dawn like one 21 hours later 00:00 then 3 hours five hours I take a seven hour sheike as the fourth lunch box snack. I will sleep nine hours! I wake up 15 hours 6 meal, I go to the gym after training seven

      always 7 meals if you are ectomorphic like me and want to gain gross dough knife like this the basics of the basics

      coloke salad in two add salad I add only when too much at home outside it depends more always I put something more like chicken rice and 1 egg, or a piece of potato.

      knife one week only with rice then the next with pasta noodles and good and excellent before training
      post training or pre training if you can't eat lunch or if you can do something else I advise you to cook 5 eggs and eat two yolks together with cassava or tapioca

      bro if you feel like eating and you are a guy who is naturally thin eat don’t just don’t overdo it and never stop eating what you eat in your diet

      for example, weekends do not need to eat the seven meals knife 4 or five and eat something soft and like not much crap but also do not go hungry. and don't be careful

      in 3 months I gained 5 kilo and in 6 I had gained 10

      now it's much more difficult
      and so naturally it is always more difficult because you have to eat more and train and rest much more much more.


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