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Bella Falconi - Training Plan

Get to know the training plan of the Brazilian athlete Bella Falconi

O training plan by Bella Falconi is done six times a week, and as is normal in women's training, it has a strong focus on the lower body.

Varies between 3 to 4 sets per exercise and usually does between 12 to 15 repetitions in each series.

In addition, he trains his abs 3 times a week and does HIIT training twice a week and cardio moderate intensity once a week.

Get to know the plan training Bella Falconi below.

Monday – Legs and Abdominals

bella falconi

Tuesday – Glutes and Cardio

Wednesday – Hamstrings and Abdominals

bella falconi training plan

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Thursday – Back, Biceps and Cardio

Friday – Triceps, Cardio and Shoulders

bella falconi workout gym

Saturday – Legs and Abdominals

bella falconi

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