mr olympia 2017 results

Olympia 2017, the official results

The official results of Olympia 2017

Get to know all the winners of Olympia 2017.

This morning, another edition of the famous Olympia was held in Las Vegas, the most prestigious competition in the bodybuilding world.

There were some athletes who managed to keep their title, as is the case with Phil Heath, but there were also new winners and winners in several categories.

Below are the results for all categories.

Mr. Olympia

In the main category, first place went again to Phil Heath, who thus achieved his seventh consecutive victory in this competition.

In second place was Big Ramy, who had taken fourth place in 2016, while William Bonac took third place.

In fourth place was Dexter Jackson, followed by Shawn Rhoden in fifth.

A Top 5 with the same athletes from the previous edition, but with some changes in terms of classifications.


In the 212 category, there were no surprises in the first position with Flex Lewis winning Olympia for the sixth consecutive time.

In second place was again Ahmad Ashkanani as in the previous year, and Jose Raymond also maintained his third place in 2016.

In fourth place was David Henry who in the previous edition had taken the fifth position, while Derek Lunsford made his debut at Olympia with an excellent fifth place.

Men's Physique

In the category of Men's Physique the athlete Jeremy Buendia he became champion again and is already in his fourth consecutive victory at Olympia.

Second place this time was Andre Ferguson, who had taken fifth place in 2016, while Brandon Hendrickson moved up one place and took third place at Olympia 2017.

The fourth was athlete Raymont Edmonds, followed by Jeremy Potvin fifth, he who had taken third place in 2016.

Classic Physique

In Classic Physique the athlete Breon Ansley who had been in fourth place last year won Olympia this year.

In second place was Chris Bumstead who made his big debut at the 2017 Olympia, followed by George Peterson in third place.

In fourth place was Arash Rahbar who had taken second place last year, while Danny Hester, the 2016 champion, took fifth place at Olympia 2017.


In Bikini the athlete Angelica Teixeira managed to become champion at Olympia 2017 after an excellent second place in 2016.

In second place was Jennifer Ronzitti who had been in 5th in the 2016 edition, while Romina Basualdo got the third place.

The athlete Casey Samsel reached an excellent fourth place after failing to enter the Top 15 in the previous edition.

In fifth place was Narmin Assria.


In the Fitness category the athlete Oksana Grishina returned to be champion for the fourth consecutive year, followed by Myriam Capes who had not participated in 2016.

In third place was Regiane Da Silva who maintained the same classification as last year, followed by Ryall Graber.

Finally, as in 2016, athlete Bethany Wagner was in fifth place.


In Figure, the athlete Cydney Gillon was champion in Olympia 2017, she who had been in the third position in the previous year.

In second place was Latorya Watts, who had been the winner of the previous edition, followed by Candice Lewis, who had won the second position in 2016.

In fourth place was athlete Heather Dees, while Nicole Wilkins moved from fourth position in 2016 to fifth place at Olympia 2017.

Women's Physique

In Women's Physique there were no surprises in first place with Juliana Malacarne being crowned champion for the fourth consecutive year, followed by Jennifer Taylor in second place.

In third place was Heather Grace and in fourth position Kira Neuman, that is, both maintained the same rankings as the previous year.

Finally, Sheronica Henton went from sixth place in 2016 to fifth place this year.

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