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How to make your diet easier to follow

Having difficulties following a diet? We give a helping hand.

Dieting will always be more complicated than eating just what you want, but it doesn't have to be brutally difficult and complicated.

Especially if you don't have competitive goals.

You need some care, and ingesting certain amounts of macronutrients, but you don't need real daily sacrifices if you know what you're doing.

What can you do to make your diet easier to follow?

That is what you will learn in this article.

Note. The tips presented here are for those looking to lose weight, as well as for those who want to gain weight or improve their sports performance.

Prepare meals in advance

You're out of the house, at work, and hunger strikes.

All you have on hand is a snack machine.

Wouldn't it be simpler if you had a good meal already prepared by you in advance to eat?

Or even at home, you were watching a movie and now you want to eat.

You are full of hunger, you open the fridge and the food with more protein that you have there is a Danoninho.

You look at the closet and you only have Maria cookies.

What if you had prepared a few meals in advance and now you were just going to heat up some good steaks with rice?

Having prepared meals is one of the best strategies to be able to consistently follow your diet, and without major mental battles over what you should and should not eat.

You don't always need to carry a backpack with 8 tupperwares in the back, but if you are dependent on the food in the cafe, it will be difficult.

go on a diet

Give preference to foods you like

You don't like chicken steaks, but you like turkey steaks.

Use the turkey steaks.

You hate sweet potatoes, but you love pasta.

Uses pasta.

You hate spinach, but do you even like green beans?

You already know the answer.

The important thing is to fill your daily needs not only with quality food, but with food that you like, and that you are able to eat consistently.

There are no mandatory foods, and no, you won't fail to get results by not eating oatmeal.

Uses tasty protein recipes

There are dozens and dozens of protein-rich recipes out there on the internet.

To start the day you can for example try these tasty protein crepes.

For a snack take a look in this protein cake, and you won't even realize that you're on a diet.

If you are good at cooking you can even invent your own recipes, in order to meet your daily needs, with flavor.

You have here some recipes that you can include in your diet.

protein crepe

Gradual changes instead of drastic changes

António was used to eating cakes in the morning, McDonalds in the afternoon and free sushi buffet in the evening.

Suddenly he decides to get in shape and starts following the diet of his friend who has been in the gym for 5 years, non-stop.

A strict diet, with lots of chicken breasts and broccoli.

What do you think is going to happen to António?

It is most likely to give up after a week, or less.

Do not try to change habits that you have built for years from one day to the next.

Try a more gradual, long-term approach.

And no, following the diet of person X will not give you the same results as that person.

Spices are your friends

Just as there are dozens of different recipes, there are also dozens of different spices and spices.

You can easily change the flavor of a chicken steak completely with a little garlic, pepper or something to your liking, without losing its nutritional value.

This is clearly more useful in dry diets, where choices tend to be narrower, and it is useful to give repeated foods a new flavor.


Eats BEFORE to be (very) hungry

Attention, this is not an excuse for always eating.

On the other hand, eating when you are on the verge of a real hunger attack will make it more difficult to make sensible choices, and it will be easier to get ahead.

Eat just before you are (very) hungry, and if you structure your diet well, it will not be difficult to achieve.

If you are having difficulty controlling your appetite, take a look in this article.

Calculated diet

To make your diet easier to follow, there's nothing like knowing the amounts of calories and macronutrients you need.

In addition, having a pre-defined structure saves you a lot of time on small decisions about what to eat, and not to eat.

As if that were not enough, once you know this, you can also be more flexible with your diet, and adapt when unforeseen events occur.

And don't forget, extreme diets rarely work.

Work out something you can imagine following in the long run, and not a diet to abandon within a week.

Smart shopping

When you go shopping, pay attention to the food you buy. If you fill the fridge and cupboards with cakes and pastries, it will be difficult to follow your diet.

If, on the other hand, you avoid buying this type of product, and stuff the food fridge that fits easily into your food, then everything will be much easier.

Oh, and avoid going shopping hungry, it doesn't usually give a good result.

gym diet

Defines objectives

It never hurts to repeat: You need at least one goal.

Why are you following a more structured diet instead of going to lunch and dinner at McDonalds like your friends?

It is important to have a goal and it is important that you remember it.

If you have no concrete reason, and you started following a diet yesterday just because it is fashionable, it will hardly last long.


Do not associate the word diet with a temporary diet that leads you to reach a certain goal.

Unless your goal is temporary, in that case, a temporary feeding will probably do.

The secret to having good, long-lasting results is to change your eating habits, and not to follow the latest fad diet.

And as you create these changes, and adapt new habits, your diet becomes much easier to follow, especially (of course) if you follow the tips in this article.

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