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Five mistakes to avoid in the gym, part 2

Five mistakes to avoid in the gym, second part

Everyone makes mistakes in the gym, it's normal.

In the initial phase, the number of errors is also greater, after all, you don't even know what you're doing.

After a first article in which we talked about 5 common mistakes in the gym, now follows the second part.

See if you identify yourself in any of them, and if so, you already know what you have to do.

Error 1 ? weak training

A bad training program won't get you far, but a poorly executed workout, even worse.

Most training programs followed to the letter will give results.

Some more others less, but all result SE are taken seriously.

First, try to build a good training program.


Follow it and give the maximum in each workout.

The best program in the world will not work if you do not commit yourself.

If the plan says to do 10 repetitions of a certain exercise, it is to use a weight that does not allow you more than 10/11 repetitions.

It is to use a significant load for you and not a light weight in which you do the repetitions while talking.

gym mistakes

Error 2 ? Rest

I'm sure you've heard that rest is important for those who walk in the gym.

And yes, it is true, rest is essential.

Try to sleep at least 6 hours a day, and ideally 8 hours.

Also, if you do 4 heavy chest exercises, there's no point in going to the gym the next day to train chest again.

Now, don't take the story of rest too much and don't go into hibernation.

 gym mistakes

Error 3 ? Load / Shape

Increasing the load is essential, but in the right way.

Of course, sometimes the shape will fail slightly.

When you want to put 5 kg more on the bar, you will probably negatively influence the way the exercise is performed.

It's normal.

Now, don't take on circus-worthy poses and someone has to accompany you to help you.

Always pay attention to the way you perform the exercise, whether through mirrors or training colleagues.

Do not do exaggerated cheats, no supine means.

Error 4 ? Compound exercises vs isolated exercises

No, the isolated exercises are not rubbish, the machines are not a demon and can also take place in a strength training.

Now, there are basic exercises and these are the compounds.

Squat, bench press, deadweight, find the main ones in this article.

These exercises must be the basis of any plan, they must be the exercises you do at the beginning of the training, they are the ones that will give you the best results.

If you include machines and isolated exercises in your training plan, start with the compounds first and then the isolated ones.

gym mistakes

Error 5 ? Tips

In all the gyms there are excellent advisers, with infinite wisdom, tips for everything and everyone.

The problem is that most of the time, that wisdom is wrong.

You learn to listen but you also learn to ignore some of the advice that you often get in gyms.

Most do not know what to say, most do not take you anywhere, inform yourself with whom REALLY You know.

So, the next time they advise mega mass in the gym, or sets of 20 reps to set, put the headphones back on.

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