Abdominals? Still this summer? Part 1

Okay, this is a general title, but there are in fact strategies that can help you make fat loss and abdominal definition faster.

Especially if you're running behind the clock with the summer in view.

This is intended to be a guide for obtaining the best possible results in a short time, that is, in time to be in the best shape possible in August.

It is not the friendliest approach on the planet, but if you really want visible results without resorting to less healthy methods you will have to make some sacrifices.

Let's start by addressing food as it is the most important aspect to be able to lose fat and get the definition you want.


The diet will be based essentially on the manipulation of carbohydrates, which will also be treated by HC throughout the article so as not to become too repetitive.

You will start by reducing the number of meals you eat HC.

If your diet consists of bread, rice and oats from morning to night it will change temporarily.

You don't need to follow the myth that carbohydrates at night go straight to the belly, in fact, if your training is at night it would even be counter-productive.

Carbohydrates will only be used in 3 meals a day and nothing else.

The priority will be this:

  • After training
  • Pre workout
  • Breakfast

These are, in order of importance, the times when this macronutrient should be consumed.

The quantities should also be adjusted because there is no point in eliminating carbohydrates at breakfast and then consuming twice as many at lunch.

Carbohydrates will be manipulated not only for a caloric issue, but also because you will have more control over your insulin levels, increasing lipolysis, in other words, fat burning.

Bearing in mind that you do not train every day, your food will not be the same every day and we will have 3 different days:

  • Low days in HC
  • Average days in HC
  • High day in HC

With this type of approach you will be able to have energy levels and a much higher performance in the gym compared to diets simply low in carbohydrates, the most common.

In addition, you will have a high HC day that will help you to ?recharge? batteries and maintain metabolism.

Sit-ups ... Still this summer

On training days, HC will be used 3 times a day:

  • Breakfast
  • Pre workout
  • After training

These are the average days.

On days without training, HC will be used twice a day:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch

These will be the low days in HC.

And finally we have the high day in HC, which will be only once a week, and you will consume HC in 4 to 5 meals.

Use the high day in HC on a training day that you want to prioritize, that is, if the muscle you want to develop more is the chest, use the high day in HC on a training day when you train your chest.

Alternatively, you can use the high day in HC on a non-training day to recharge your energy instead of using it in one of your workouts.

Another important variable will be lipids.

You can't lower carbohydrates that sharply without adjusting the level of fats you consume.

On low carbohydrate days, use olive oil to water your vegetables, eat a piece of salmon every now and then on these days, some dried fruits in meals without HC, always in QB quantities, that is, do not overdo it, nothing olive oil pools.

Sit-ups ... Still this summer

On average days, leave the salmon aside, but continue to drizzle your veggies with QB olive oil and some nuts at non-HC meals, half a dozen nuts for example.

Then we have the high day in HC in which the consumption of fats will be reduced, no dried fruits or salmon, just use a few strands of olive oil in the meal without carbohydrates of that day.

As for proteins, consumption should always be high to maintain mass levels muscle and get a good recovery from training.

2 / 2.5g of protein per kg of body weight.

Drink at least 2L of water a day.

With this type of food you will be able to:

  • Quickly lower fat levels
  • Maintain a large part of muscle mass
  • Have much more energy to train compared to traditional low carbohydrate foods
  • Eliminate excess liquids

This article is divided into two parts, you can find the second part below.

Sit-ups this summer? Part 2

Any questions, suggestions or opinions use the comments area below!

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  1. Daniel Vasconcelos

    Hello good day.
    I have a doubt which is the following: on training days I consume HC 3 times a day which in this case is for breakfast, pre-workout (snack) and then I have the post-workout which is dinner, because my training is over around 8 pm and then I would like to know if I could consume the third meal of HC at dinner, as it is mine (post-workout)?..

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