the best whey protein supplement

The Best Whey Protein Supplement

The best Whey Protein supplement on the market

After reviewing several whey protein supplements, we thought it was time to make a comparison, and definitely choose the best whey protein supplement.

We used only the supplements that have already been analyzed here on the website, so it is normal that some products are missing, which will be added over time.

[box type=?info? align=?aligncenter? class=?? width=??]What is the best protein on the market in Portugal? Well, this list still has some good information, but it's already out of date.

Some proteins are no longer commercialized, others have gone up in price, but not much has changed.

We hope to be able to update this post soon.

We only classified supplements in which the aminogram is available online, as it is an essential criterion for us to make a quality assessment.

All classifications were based on facts and figures, and although our opinion may appear in the description of each supplement, it was not taken into account when assigning the score, as you can see in the criteria.

The objective was, above all, impartiality.

best myprotein isopro whey

Myprotein ISO: PRO 97

ISO: PRO 97 took first place in this classification.


It is the supplement with the highest protein content that we analyzed (97%), and it also ranked first in the percentage of BCAA's (22,11%).

The only category in which he did not lead was in the cost for each 100g of protein, in which he was in 6th place in the general classification.

Meetings here the analysis to ISO: PRO 97.

Protein Content BCAA's Cost 100g / prot
ISO: PRO 97 97,00% 22,11% 2.91 ?

1st place

Myprotein Impact Whey and TPW Whey Protein 80

Here, as you may have noticed, we had a draw.

The Protein Works supplement managed to slightly outperform Myprotein's Impact Whey in terms of protein content and percentage of BCAA's, however, Impact Whey has a huge advantage in terms of cost per 100g of protein, ranking at 1st place in this criterion.

They are two excellent protein supplements, and they deserve to share the second place in this table.

Meetings here the analysis to Impact Whey.

Meetings here the analysis to Whey Protein 80.

Protein Content BCAA's Cost 100g / prot
Impact Whey 82,00% 18,77% 1.50 ?
TPW Whey 80 82,40% 18,86% 1.82 ?

3rd place

Prozis Whey Concentrate

And in 3rd place, we find the Prozis brand Whey Concentrate.

For those unfamiliar with Whey Concentrate, it is a supplement with a protein content of 82%, a percentage of BCAA's of 18.77% and the cost per 100g of protein is 1.88€.

Do you deserve 3rd place?

No doubt.

Meetings here the analysis to the Whey Concentrate.

Protein Content BCAA's Cost 100g / prot
Prozis Concentrate 82,00% 18,77% 1.88 ?

best whey protein

Scitec Isogreat

Isogreat by Scitec Nutrition is an excellent whey supplement, which took 2nd place both in protein content and in the percentage of BCAA's.

If we did not look at the price, the second place was guaranteed, however, the price counts, and that is why we stayed in the fourth place.

Meetings here the analysis to Isogreat.

Protein Content BCAA's Cost 100g / prot
Scitec Isogreat 91.00% 20,83% 3.34 ?

best whey protein supplement

ON Gold Standard

Optimum Nutrition's famous whey supplement ranked fifth.

It got the 6th place in the protein content with 81.06%, and the fifth place in the percentage of BCAA's, with 18.70%.

In terms of cost per 100g of protein, it ranked eighth, costing 3.12? for every 100g of protein.

Meetings here analysis to Gold Standard.

Protein Content BCAA's Cost 100g / prot
Gold Standard 81,06% 18,70% 3.12 ?


Xcore 100% Whey Hydro Isolate

And in sixth place was the 100% Whey Hydro Isolate from the Xcore Nutrition brand.

This supplement stood out mainly in the protein content, in which it reached the fourth position with 82,14%.

It ranked seventh in percentage of BCAA's with 17,48%, and ninth in cost per 100g of protein.

Meetings here the analysis to the 100% Whey Hydro Isolate.

Protein Content BCAA's Cost 100g / prot
Xcore Hydro Isolate 82,14% 17,48% 3.16 ?

7 place

Prozis 100% Whey Prime

And in seventh position, we find Prozis Whey Prime.

Let's face it, seventhly, quality is already starting to decline, and Whey Prime in terms of quality is a weak supplement.

In protein content it ranked seventh with 80%, but in percentage of BCAA's it came in last place with a measly 12,72%.

However, it is still ahead of some supplements.


Why is its cost per 100g of protein really low, and it came third in this criterion with a cost of just 1.87? for every 100g of protein.

Meetings here the analysis to Whey Prime.

Protein Content BCAA's Cost 100g / prot
Whey Prime 80.00% 12,72% 1.87 ?

the best protein supplement

Gold Nutrition Total Whey

In eighth place we find Total Whey from the well-known Gold Nutrition brand.

You probably expected to see this supplement better positioned, but the truth is that it was in ninth place in the protein content with 76.92% and in tenth place in the cost for each 100g of protein.

The percentage of BCAA's is good and here it was in sixth place, with 17,70%.

Meetings here the analysis to Total Whey.

Protein Content BCAA's Cost 100g / prot
GN Total Whey 76,92% 17,70% 3.25 ?

9th place

Dymatize Elite Whey, Scitec Professional and Xcore Xtreme Whey

Second to last, we don't have just one, we don't have just two, we have three supplements.

Dymatize's Elite Whey ranked fifth in cost per 100g of protein, however, when it comes to protein content and percentage of BCAA's, it ranked last and penultimate respectively.

Meetings here the analysis to Elite Whey.

Scitec Nutrition's Whey Professional ranked tenth for protein content and percentage of BCAA's, but ranked higher on cost per 100g of protein, ranking seventh.

Meetings here analysis to Whey Professional.

Finally, Xcore Nutrition's Xtreme Whey ranked eighth in terms of protein content and percentage of BCAA's, but when we look at the cost per 100g of protein, it ranks 12th.

Meetings here Xtreme Whey analysis.

Protein Content BCAA's Cost 100g / prot
Scitec Professional 73,30% 16,03% 3.07 ?
Elite Whey 68,87% 15.40% 2.48 ?
Xcore Xtreme 77,50% 16,58% 3.54 ?

best protein

Muscletech Platinum Whey

And we finally reached the last classified.

That supplement is Muscletech's Platinum Whey, which scored just 2 points, in which the biggest highlight was its 16,18% of BCAA's, which corresponds to ninth place in this category.

In terms of protein content, Platinum Whey took 11th place and was in last place in the cost per 100g of protein, with an exorbitant value of 4.74? for every 100g of protein.

Meetings here the analysis to Platinum Whey.

Protein Content BCAA's Cost 100g / prot
Muscletech Platinum 70,59% 16,18% 4.74 ?


Protein Content BCAA's Cost 100g / prot
Impact Whey 82,00% 18,77% 1.50 ?
Whey Prime 80.00% 12,72% 1.87 ?
Gold Standard 81,06% 18,70% 3.12 ?
Elite Whey 68,87% 15.40% 2.48 ?
Prozis Concentrate 82,00% 18,77% 1.88 ?
Scitec Professional 73,30% 16,03% 3.07 ?
GN Total Whey 76,92% 17,70% 3.25 ?
Xcore Xtreme 77,50% 16,58% 3.54 ?
ISO: PRO 97 97,00% 22,11% 2.91 ?
Xcore Hydro Isolate 82,14% 17,48% 3.16 ?
Muscletech Platinum 70,59% 16,18% 4.74 ?
Scitec Isogreat 91.00% 20,83% 3.34 ?
TPW Whey 80 82,40% 18,86% 1.82 ?

[toggle title=?Criteria? state=?close? ]We assigned an individual score according to the classification in each criterion, and the score was as follows: 1st Place: 12 points; 2nd place: 9 points; 3rd place: 8 points; 4th place: 7 points; 5th place: 6 points; 6th place: 5 points; 7th place: 4 points; 8th place: 3 points; 9th place: 2 points; 10th place: 1 point.

After the 10th place, we do not assign classification.

The classification highlighted for the 1st place of each category serves for this very purpose, to highlight the highlight of each category in relation to the others.

Protein content refers to the percentage of protein found in each supplement.

The BCAA's value refers to the percentage of BCAA's found in each supplement.

The amount for each 100g of protein is the amount paid for each 100g of pure protein in each supplement.

The price value per 100g of protein is the least accurate, since each store has its price, and this affects this value, however, we used the average value of each product in Portuguese online stores.[/toggle]


Is TPW's Whey Concentrate 80 better than Scitec Nutrition's Isogreat?

No, it is not if we look only at quality.

What we tried to do was to balance the value between the quality of the products and their costs.

It is not an easy task, but one thing is for sure, any supplement that choices of those who are in the TOP 5, are all good choices.

If you want to spend the minimum and still have a quality supplement, the Impact Whey and the TPW Whey Concentrate 80 are the two best choices.

If money is no problem for you, and you want only the best, then the ISO: PRO 97 and the Scitec's Isogreat are the two best bets.

If you would like to see any supplement added to this list, tell us what supplement is in the comments area.

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38 thoughts on “O melhor suplemento de Whey Protein”

  1. I would like to know your opinion about XTREME BEEF HYDROLYZED PROTEIN ISOLATE from FA engineered nutrition. Thank you for your attention.

    1. Of course, what if in the first place there was a supplement from Dymatize or Muscletech, we were sponsored by those brands, correct?

      1. Quit the bullshit. Since this review is based only on published nutritional tables, it is certain that Prozis Concentrate is exactly, and when I say exactly, it is EXACTLY the same as My Protein. The cost is also a fallacy, as you pay shipping on MyProtein for shipping to Portugal, and on Prozis you don't. I'm not here to defend Prozis. Just the truth of the facts. It could be an interesting and informative article were it not for this fact. So it is nothing more than propaganda for MyProtein, as António Pedro said.

        1. True, they are similar in quality but significantly different in price, hence one being in second place and the other in third.

          100% Whey Concentrate 2kg – 30.99? / 100% Whey Concentrate 4kg – 59.99?
          Impact Whey Protein 2.5kg – 30.89? / Impact Whey Protein 5kg – 54.89?

          As for the cost of shipping, as you can see, this is a comparison of products, not services.

        2. When ordering, shipping is not optional, so it increases the cost of protein. It is true that if you order more items, the cost is diluted by everything, but it is still a cost. If you order only protein, at MyProtein, the effective cost increases to around 32.50? or 37? if you want fast delivery (at Prozis they usually deliver the next day), which ends up increasing the cost per dose and making the two equal.

      2. Is it pure coincidence that you have MyProtein codes (because you have an agreement with them) and their protein comes first?

        People are not stupid...

  2. Bad was for someone who has their codes and is part of Myprotein's Affiliate program not putting them first. If I received money for every purchase they make, would I also say they are the best? I was a customer of theirs and I have been taking the one from Bulk Powders which is much better than many you have there.

    1. What supplements would you suggest to put on top?
      What changes did you make? It's because?
      We placed these ratings because according to our criteria, they are the best of those analyzed here, and if you look at the nutritional tables, you come to the same conclusion.

      1. Now I'm going to buy the protein I was talking about:
        You say that in the first place is the Iso pro 97 from myprotein, as it has 97% protein content and 22,11% bcaas. If you compare it with the isolated protein 97 from Bulk powders, you will find the same protein content, that is, the 97% but with 22,97% of bcaas, so at the same price it won the first place, the second for me would go to this a This pro 97 from myprotein.
        In third place, yes, Impact Whey along with the normal Whey from the bulk powders, because both the protein content and the bcaas, the percentage is just as it is. And you can't break the tie for the price because in both stores the price is the same.
        Attention that I'm not saying bad about your work, I think it was a good attempt and you should do more of that, I just think you should be more impartial and really when the title is the best Whey supplement I think you should do a more in-depth analysis of the Marketplace.

        1. Bulk Powders protein isolate 97 seems to be really good, but if you check the certificate of analysis on the official website, you can see that the aminogram is not correct, because they put the aminogram of the isolate 90, and so you can't verify the real percentage of BCAA's.
          Is Bulk Powders Whey Isolate 97 better than Myprotein's ISO:PRO 97?
          I don't think so.
          Is ISO:PRO 97 better than Bulk Powders Whey Isolate 97?
          I don't think so either, honestly they look similar to me.
          As for the title being “The best Whey supplement”, we made it very clear in the introduction that it was just about the supplements that we had previously analyzed (which there are already some!).
          As you can imagine, it's not easy to analyze all the Whey supplements on the market, but expect more reviews in the future, and yes, Bulk Powders will most likely be one of the next to appear here :)

  3. Whey protein VP2 (from AST) is not even on the list? Absolutely the best whey I've ever had (between Gold, Elite and Carnivor, this one, however, is classified as beef protein, but in terms of results, it lags behind VP2). It gave me an absurd gain in strength and muscle volume (I broke the limit of 40 cm of arm after stabilizing at 39 cm for a long time until I started taking VP2, going to 42 cm with only two pots of 900g approx., taking only a post-workout scoop).

    1. Hi Jorge, thanks for the suggestion and the words.
      As for this specific product, it really seems like a very good choice and is a supplement to look into in the future :)

    1. Thank you Fabio :)
      As for this supplement, at first glance it seems like a good product, within the genre of the 100% Whey Concentrate of the same brand.

  4. The best on the market, without seeing prices.
    #1 – Platinum Hydro Whey (Optimum)
    #2 – Whey Protein Isolate (NutraBio)
    #3 – 100% Whey (Optimum)
    #4 – Machine Whey (MTS Nutrition)
    #5 – Elite Whey (Dymatize)
    #6 – Impact Whey Isolate (MyProtein)

  5. It's ridiculous of you to put Scitec on such a low level, when this is one of the best brands on the market with more than given and proven evidence.

    1. Davide, this is a product review, not a brand review.
      Scitec's Isogreat was in 4th place according to the criteria we used, but with a reference that if we looked exclusively at quality, it would be in 2nd place.
      Whey Professional, on the other hand, is simply nothing special.

    1. It seems to be superior to Impact Isolate, but inferior to ISO:PRO 97, but as soon as possible we do a review.

  6. 1
    Ricardo Rebordão

    Hello good day!!

    I must thank you in advance for this work that has been developed by you, which can be called public service because in these days with so much information and against information, we consumers are confused.
    I would like to suggest an analysis of a protein I've been taking, I started about 2 weeks ago and I've been really enjoying both the results and the taste. The aminogram is quite interesting considering that it is not an isolated protein.

    The protein in question is myo-Torc from proviant labs (Portuguese brand)

    1. Hi Ricardo, thanks for the comment :)
      As for the protein, it seems to be really good quality, and while it's not 100% isolate, it largely is.
      If the price is right, it looks like a good buy!

  7. I started following your work and I have to say it's the best I've read so far. I realize that there are a lot of people who are unhappy about not being their favorite brand in the first place for a variety of reasons. But your comparison is 5 stars. Price / Quality. Those looking for quality know what to find, and those looking for price too. So this is the 2 in 1. Excellent work on all the articles I've read on the site and I loved the one about the training plans…. 5 stars. Keep up this good work. And now I take the one that is in 4th place and it is not because I read this article that I change, but I am more enlightened. That yes… Because this is the purpose of the article. Hugs to the whole team.

    1. 1

      Yes, the objective has always been not only to say which are the best choices, but also why, because the best is often subjective.

      Thanks for the words Paulo :)

  8. First of all, good job. Your analyzes seem-,,give me quality, the criteria are adequate.

    Questions, two:
    1- When do you plan to analyze Multipower Whey?
    2- what do you know/think about the Levrone line (there are stores in Lisbon introducing these products)? This line is manufactured in Europe in Poland…which I don't trust.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. 1

      Thank you Miguel :)

      1- We don't have any set date but thanks for the suggestion.

      2- We don't know the products, so we don't have a great opinion, but when in doubt, you have lots of quality alternatives on the market.

  9. hello, very good your article, congratulations, I will try these other proteins !! Could you analyze Musclemeds Carnivor ?? hugs !!

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