the best supplements for summer

The best supplements for summer

A Vitamin D is probably the best supplement for winter, but which ones are best for summer?

Let's be honest, it's already June, so there's little you can do if you've only just remembered that the gym exists.

If what you're looking for are miracle supplements to get the rest of the year's work done in two weeks, this article is not for you.

If, on the other hand, the gym has been part of your routine all year round, these supplements may be useful for you.

These are supplements that will help you maintain muscle mass, help control your fat percentage and also make the most of summer.

Each case is different, but we tried to be as general as possible so that anyone can benefit from this list.

Attention, although the theme is summer, the focus is above all on that more relaxed vacation period that (almost) all of us have.

The best supplements for summer


To begin with, the ZMA.

In the summer, when we reach very high temperatures in Portugal, it is common to sweat a lot.

When you sweat, you lose minerals, and if you sweat a lot, the rate at which you lose them is greater.

Drinking lots of water is mandatory, but it's not enough.

Maintaining Magnesium levels within normal limits is important, and if there is a deficiency, your sleep will be affected, you will feel more tired, anxious and so on.

You can use supplementation or simply ingest some of these foods.

As for Zinc, the probability of low levels in summer is greater, especially for those who play sports.

If you sweat a lot and eat few foods rich in Zinc, you may not achieve ideal levels of this mineral.

Zinc has several important roles in the body, but its deficiency leads to a decrease in testosterone levels.

Lower testosterone levels lead to loss of muscle mass and gain of fat mass, among others.

This isn't what you want, is it?

Just like Magnesium, you can simply control this with your diet and you will find here various foods rich in this mineral.

the best supplements for summer


NAC? What is that?

NAC is an amino acid called N-Acetylcysteine.

This amino acid increases the levels of Glutathione, an important antioxidant in the human body, and beyond.

What do you want this for?

Well, if you like to go out at night and have a few drinks at this time (or any other time) NAC can be a good ally.

Used before drinking alcohol, it is excellent for fighting a hangover and thus avoiding part of the zombie effect the next day.

Use this supplement for at least 45 minutes before Before drinking alcohol, drink water at night and lots of water when you return from your night adventure.

The next day will be less difficult.

Furthermore, there are several studies that point to a possible reduction in the harm caused by alcohol when NAC is used. (1) (two) (3)

Less hangover, less negative effects on the body. Seems like a good bet.

If you don't like alcoholic drinks, you can leave NAC on the shelf.

Find the NAC here.the best supplements for summer

Protein shake

Predictable, right?

A protein powder supplement in the summer can be very useful in meeting your protein needs.

It's a practical way to get quality protein when you need it, quickly.

It's not mandatory, just like no supplement is, but if it's the difference between consistently reaching the amount of protein you need, or not, then it's worth it.

Attention, this is not an excuse for your only source of protein to be smoothies.

Which protein to choose?

There are several types of quality protein but the whey continues to be the one with the best quality/price ratio.

Above all, consume enough protein, and if you need shakes to achieve this, then use them.

the best supplements for summer


What will your diet be like?

Balanced and with a good quantity and variety of foods?

Or more relaxed and sloppy?

If the answer is a quality diet, the multivitamin loses importance, and you probably don't need it.

If, on the other hand, you know that your diet is not going to be the best, this type of supplement can be useful.

It will help cover possible deficiencies and keep you looking your best, just don't use it as an excuse to camp out at Pizza Hut.

The best supplements for summer, conclusion.

It's summer, enjoy.

If you are on vacation, unless you have competitive goals, this is the ideal time to relax.

If you've worked all year at the gym, two weeks won't ruin your results. On the contrary.

This period will be great for recovering not only physical but also mental energy.

Obviously, this is just a general list of supplements, and it is impossible to adapt to all cases.

Looking at the description of each one, you can easily identify those that might be most useful to you, and those that you don't need.

And no, you don't need to go on vacation with your entire list.

Happy summer!

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