Super Series

What is a superseries?

A superset (or superset) is when you choose two exercises and do them in a row, with no rest between each one.

Can be exercises for the same muscle or for two different muscles.

1 Example

Super Series

Chest press with dumbbells - 5 series x 8 repetitions
Openings - 5 series x 8 repetitions

In this case, you would start by doing 8 repetitions of chest with a dumbbell and, as soon as you finished those 8 repetitions, you immediately moved on to openings and you did 8 repetitions of this exercise.

Only at the end of the openings would you have a rest period.

In this case it would be a superseries for the same muscle, chest.

2 Example

Super Series

Tricep with forehead barbell - 3 series x 10 repetitions
Curl Bicep With Bar - 3 series x 10 repetitions

In this example, you would start with the forehead bar tricep exercise, perform 10 repetitions, and at the end of these 10 bar tricep repetitions the forehead would immediately move to the bar curl bicep exercise without rest.

Only after finishing the bicep curl did a series of this superseries end and the beginning of a short rest period.

In this case it would be a superseries for two different and antagonistic muscles, tricep and bicep.

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