How to gain chest muscle mass (effectively)

Effectively increases muscle mass in the chest area

Monday is the official day of chest training.

Tears, blood and sweat are dropped on the bench.

However, the loads are large, but muscle development is often not so.

If you think your chest is falling behind, and you are not having the results you want, continue reading this article.

The main mistake

Let's start by talking about the main mistake.

It is present in any workout of any muscle but has its peak in chest training.

The main mistake in chest training is called EGO and usually goes hand in hand with the bench press.

The bench press is the main exercise for working the chest, and it is also the one that serves as a measure of strength in coffee conversations.

You have probably never been asked how much lunges you do, but most likely you have been asked how much you do on the bench press.

Leave the ego aside, not only in the bench press but in all exercises.

You worry about increasing the loads yes, but with a correct form (or close to it!).

They've probably asked you for help on a bench press series and you ended up doing a row.

Do not fall into this error, do not let the ego control your training.

Another of the consequences of ego that makes it the big villain of chest training is: way of carrying out the exercise.

It is common to see socks repetitions instead of complete repetitions, all to raise more than the colleague next door or to impress the new girl of the gymnasium.

how to gain chest muscle mass

The solution

With this in mind, we also need a good chest workout routine.

Something well structured that will give you the best possible gains.

Here is the following plan.

Training plan

Inclined Chest Press 4 Séries 10-8-8-6

Flat Bench Press 4 Series 8-8-8

Slanted Openings 3 Series 10-10-8

Em Super Series com

Push ups 3 Series to failure 


Weights should be chosen appropriately with the repetitions to be performed.

For a series of 10 repetitions you will choose a weight that you cannot perform 11 or 12 repetitions, just as you will not do only 6 or 7 repetitions in that same series.

You'll pick a weight that you can do 10 reps on, period.

In the inclined chest press and flat bench press exercises it is allowed to reduce one repetition if the weight is justified.

That is, instead of 8 you can do 7 reps, or instead of 6 you can do 5, but .. When?

When you are going to make a load you never made, that is, a new load, a weight gain.

Never do fewer sets than those stipulated in the plan.

However, if you are inspired, you can do one or two more sets, as long as you rest well and are following a diet hypercaloric.

Try to increase the training loads for training, even if only in one exercise.

Try to progress from training to training.

Don't forget to follow a good diet if you want to win muscle mass you need a high calorie diet.

Follow the routine for at least 2 months.

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