Hypertrophy Diet

Hypertrophy Diet

Hypertrophy diet

If you are trying to design your first diet to gain muscle mass, seeing the structure of an already made one can help you.

Here is an example of a diet designed for someone with a metabolism normal, about 1.80m tall and 70kg.

It is organized for someone who trains in the morning, after breakfast, and who already has some training experience.

The diet aims to gain weight in the form of lean mass and to reduce fat mass gain to a minimum.

It has six meals, three of which are rich in proteins and carbohydrates, and the other three are high in protein and fats, but low in carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates will be used above all around the training period, which is when they are most useful.

Do not forget that it is just a generic diet of hypertrophy, and so it will not work for everyone.

Use it only as an example, and make your adaptations.



  • 125g oats
  • 30g Whey

After training

  • 30g Whey
  • 2 Bananas


  • 125g Brown Rice
  • 150g chicken steak
  • Broccoli with olive oil


  • 2 cans of tuna
  • 40g Nuts


  • 150g Salmon
  • Cauliflower with a drizzle of olive oil
  • Salad with Lettuce and Tomato


  • Scrambled eggs with 6 egg whites and 2 yolks


Final notes

The only supplement used in this diet is a Whey protein powder.

Like all foods in this diet, Whey can also be replaced, and if you want to do so, you should put a good quality protein source in good quantity in its place.

Again, this is just a generic diet, and it is important that you adapt it to your specific case.

If you have any questions, use the comments area below.

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