5 common mistakes in hypertrophy diets

5 (very) common mistakes in hypertrophy diets

Avoid these common mistakes in hypertrophy diets

If your goal is to gain muscle mass, you know that diet plays an essential role.

In fact, without a good diet, you won't see great results, no matter how hard you work.

So, how is your diet?

Do you have a good diet?

It's giving results or not really?

See if you make any of these common mistakes in muscle mass diets, and if so, it's time to resolve the situation.

Error 1? Not eating enough

To gain muscle mass, you need calories.

You need to ingest more calories than you burn, that is, you need a high-calorie diet.

If you're aiming for hypertrophy, but you're not eating enough, the result is obvious.

Little or none.

You will have little or no results if you try to build muscle mass without providing your body with enough macronutrients.

As a result, you will end up feeling unmotivated.

After all, you are training and trying to evolve, but you are always the same.

Review your diet and make sure you are eating enough for weight gain.

Most people who think they eat a lot and don't gain weight, in fact, eat little and don't get enough calories to gain weight.

common mistakes in hypertrophy diets

Error 2? Lack of consistency

First week, you followed your plan in an exemplary way.

Second week, you had some slip-ups.

Third week, you followed your diet for a day or two.

If this is your routine, you have two problems.

The first is obvious. You won't get the results you want.

The second?

Your diet is probably not ideal for you.

The best diet is the one you follow, so it's important to create something you can follow, not something extremely strict that you saw on the internet.

An average diet followed consistently is better than an excellent diet followed occasionally.

Error 3? Fear

Yes, fear.

When you follow a high-calorie diet, it is normal for you to gain some fat.

If you are afraid of gaining fat during this process, you will probably end up not consuming enough calories for hypertrophy.

This does not mean that to gain muscle mass, you also need to gain huge amounts of fat.

If you have a good diet and training, and follow them consistently, your fat gains will be minimal, and your muscle mass gains will be maximum.

Don't know how many calories you need?

See here how to calculate the calories needed to gain muscle mass effectively.

common mistakes in hypertrophy diets

Error 4? Off-Season

What is the opposite of error 3?

It's the typical off-season, bulk period or whatever you prefer to call it.

This is when a hypertrophy diet turns into a free buffet, and all the weight is welcome.

To gain muscle mass, you already know that you need more calories than you burn.

This does not mean that the more you eat, the better.

The ideal is to use around 300 kcal above your maintenance value.

If instead of using 300, you use 1000 more calories, you will not gain more muscle.

But you will gain more fat.

It's better to increase your weight slowly but with quality, than to gain 10kg in 2 months where most of it is fat.

See here how many calories do you need to gain muscle mass and avoid one of the common mistakes in hypertrophy diets.

Error 5? Too many supplements

Supplements are useful, and can be an asset to complement your diet and help you gain muscle mass.

However, they are only a help, not the main thing.

If you give more importance to the supplements you use than the food you eat, your priorities are changed.

The most important thing is nutrition and training, not supplements.

First try to build a good diet and a good training plan.

Is it already?

Ok, now yes, you can think about some supplements.

Are here some useful for gaining muscle mass.

And don't forget, they're just supplements.

They supplement diet and training, but do not replace either.

To finish, stay here a good article from bodybuilding.com that covers the same topic.

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