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41 laws of the gym

41 laws to know about the gym and everything that involves it


There is no perfect training program. The most successful coaches often disagree with each other. This means you will have to learn a lot, think for yourself and experiment. Do not like? Stick to jogging.


The effectiveness of any training program is directly related to your dedication to it. If a program “doesn’t work” it’s probably because you’re not trying hard enough.


Two words: Go Train. Stop using “research” as an excuse for procrastination. Yes, read articles and learn as much as you can, but most of what you learn will come from experience and the time you spend actually training in the gym.


Any training can make you tired but a good workout will bring you results.


When a normal person thinks “I have to lose weight”, they assume they have to start running. A better idea? Start training with weights.


Beware of weird exercises and complex workouts. The workouts that bring great results will not include many functional exercises with medicine balls and elastic bands. You're not in physical therapy, you're building muscle and strength.


Training won't always be fun, but it will always be rewarding in the long run.



The cardio paradox: The better and more resilient you get, the less fat you burn with the same amount of training. Endurance is great if you're training for a race, not so much if you're looking to lose fat.


It's better to have muscle mass and some fat than to lose muscle, lower your metabolism, become weak and ultimately end up having neither the muscle mass nor the percentage of body fat you're looking for. This is what happens to those who spend months chasing muscle definition with huge calorie restrictions and Olympic cardio sessions.


The more muscle mass you have, the easier it will be to lose fat. If you have fat to lose and no muscle mass, it will cost much more.


Women who look good in yoga pants spend more time weight training than yoga training.


The best abdominal exercise is 3 sets of less food. Furthermore, if you want abs, use weight exercises.


Strength and hypertrophy are not necessarily separate. You can get stronger with hypertrophy training.


Good workouts for gaining muscle mass can be a mix of explosive movements with slow, controlled movements. Compounds and isolates. Full body or muscle division workouts. There is time and space for everything as long as it is well applied.



If your training and diet are causing you to lose muscle mass then you are not getting drier, you are just getting smaller. And your metabolism will slow down as a result. Build or retain muscle, always.


There are different philosophies and training methods that are effective and produce good results, but they all have something in common: Giving your best in training. Giving your best in training is the basis of all plans.


If you have half a dozen training machines at home gathering dust, accept that you need a gym membership.


Don't be worried about performing the exercises correctly to the point of drastically reducing the loads you use, but also don't do acrobatics to lift more weight. Look for balance and be aware of possible mistakes.


Are you really dedicated? Normally people look for any excuse not to go training. It's cold, it's raining or your toe hurts. Those who truly seek to evolve find a way to make things work, whether it's raining, snowing, thunderstorms or meteorites.


Wrist injury? No problem, train your legs. Knee injury? Upper body training. Just because there is a small injury in one area of the body does not mean there is no training, train an area that is not affected.


Don't limit yourself to training only when you feel good and feel like it. Force yourself to go train even when you don't feel like it, stay consistent.


If you've just started training, focus on learning the basics, not the advanced methods.


When it comes to fat loss, genetics can be considered a loaded weapon. That doesn't mean you have to fire it and reload twice.


If your diet is working, then ignore fad diets and tips. Trust your own experience.


If your diet isn't working, change it. Whatever it is.


A fat loss diet is something to be followed in the medium to long term. Be realistic. Plan something you can stick to consistently rather than something extreme that you'll abandon after a week.


Being afraid to consume carbohydrates is a great way to stop gaining muscle mass. Training without gaining muscle mass is a great way to stay the same.


Too few carbohydrates in your diet will not only make you look smaller, they will also make you weaker and decrease your training capacity. Being weaker and less able to train is a good recipe for stagnation.


Small details only make a difference when the basics are already optimized to the maximum. It doesn't make sense to think about the amount of vitamin C per day when you are still drinking 1 bottle of coca cola at lunch.


You know that friend of yours who eats whatever he wants and is still in great shape? Don't eat like him.

gym laws


You can transform your body regardless of your genetics.


It is possible to lose weight without constantly wanting to eat junk food. Learn to cook. Look for nutritious and tasty recipes and use them frequently.


Don't go on a low-carb diet. Don't go on a low-fat diet. Eat a diet low in junk food. Reduce your consumption of things that you know are of no use to your goals.


Stop constantly looking for second opinions and approval from other people. They don't know what works best for you, just like you won't know without trying it. Research and find out.


Don't limit yourself to evaluating progress using the scale. If you gain 3kg of muscle and lose 3kg of fat you will stay at the same weight. The scale will say that you haven't progressed, the mirror will show the opposite.


Ok, you did 100kg bench press for 10 reps with good form. Congratulations. Now you put more weight on.


Small conversations in the gym are fine, as long as it's with the right people. Talking for two minutes about training with someone dedicated and who achieves good results is not negative. Talking about football with someone who spends more time talking than training is.


Building the body you want will take time and be difficult but the results will be worth it.


The same people who will criticize you for your different food choices now are the same people who will ask you for diet advice in 6 months.


After some time with a diet or training, ask yourself “Is it working?”. Think carefully and respond honestly. It will not be easy.


Instead of posting phrases and photos related to the gym on Facebook, how about going to train?

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