push ups

4 types of push-ups

For those who train at home without using a lot of material, push-ups are one of the main and most effective exercises that can be used to develop the upper body area.

Get to know four variations of the push-ups to diversify your training.

Declined push-ups

To do the declined push-ups we need a bench or some support that provides inclination.

Placing the feet or shins on the bench, we perform the movement of the push-ups as shown in the image.

This move works the lower chest area more compared to normal push-ups.

declined push-ups

Inclined Pushups

As with declined push-ups, in the case of inclined push-ups we need some support to provide height to the movement.

Placing the hands on a bench or similar support, the movement is performed with some inclination, focusing more on the upper chest.

inclined push-ups

Wide push-ups

Wide push-ups are a variant of push-ups where the main difference is the opening of the arms.

In this type of exercise we open our arms slightly more, which will work the chest in a more intense area than in normal push-ups.

This is the most difficult of the 4 exercises!

wide push-ups

Short Pushups

Finally, in short push-ups, we bring the hands closer to the ground and do an exercise more directed at the arms, working the triceps more intensely.

short push-ups

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