Impact Whey Concentrate vs Impact Whey Isolate

Comparison between the concentrated and the isolated version of the Impact Whey supplement.


The question many people ask when they decide to buy a whey protein is:

“I must buy one isolated whey or concentrated?!”

We advise you to take a look at our article Isolated vs Concentrated Whey, is it worth the isolated?.

However, if you are undecided between concentrated Impact Whey and isolated Impact Whey, this is the right article!

Find out the differences between Impact Whey concentrate and Impact Whey isolated from the brand Myprotein.

The versions analyzed are those with no flavor.


Both the concentrated Impact Whey and the isolated version are available in 3 different sizes.

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In the case of the concentrate it is available in 1kg, 2.5kg and 5kg.

In the isolated version, we have Impact Whey in 1kg, 2.5kg and 4kg.

This refers to the unflavored version, the flavored versions may vary.

Nutritional value

We have already had the opportunity to analyze the Impact Whey Concentrate previously and confirm that it is an excellent protein. Now let’s put it side by side with the isolated version and see what the nutritional differences are between the two.

 Impact Whey / 25gImpact Isolated / 25g
Calories98.3 Kcal92.5 Kcal


Impact Whey / 100gImpact Isolated / 100g
Calories393.2 Kcal370 Kcal


As expected, the isolated version is superior to the concentrated version, having not only 10g more protein for every 100 grams of product, but also presenting values of carbohydrates and fats extremely low.

Impact Whey concentrate has a protein concentration of 82%, while the isolated version has 92% of protein!

In addition to these general values, it is also important to analyze the aminogram of each supplement.

impact whey isolate myprotein

Simply put, we have set up a comparative table between these proteins below regarding BCAA's, the most important amino acids for muscle building.

Impact WheyIsolated Impact
Total Protein / 100g82g92g
BCAA's / dose4.7g5.32g
BCAA's / 100g18.77g21,297g


While the concentrate has 18.7g of BCAA's for every 100g of product, its isolated version is 21.29g, a reasonable and perfectly normal difference, since we have a higher 10% protein concentration in the isolate.


Regarding which is the best protein in terms of quality, we have no doubt that it is the isolated version, however, the price remains to be analyzed and it is here that doubts arise as to which one is the best bet.

Impact Whey Concentrate

Impact Whey1kg2.5kg5kg
Cost Per Serving€ 0.37€ 0.31€ 0.27
Total cost€ 14.89€ 30.89€ 54.89

 Impact Whey isolated

Isolated Impact1kg2.5kg4kg
Cost Per Serving€ 0.57€ 0.48€ 0.45
Total cost€ 22.89€ 48.89€ 71.99


Looking at the table, we can see that the price difference is significant, and concentrated Whey has a clear advantage here, making it an excellent protein when it comes to price / quality.

Where to buy?

You find the concentrated version here and the isolated version here.


THE Impact Whey isolated it is clearly the best protein, winning in all categories when it comes to quality, however, that quality comes at a price.

THE Impact Whey Concentrate it is also an excellent protein, with a lower price.

We can say that the concentrate is the winner when it comes to price / quality, while the isolate clearly takes the trophy for the best protein as you would expect.

If you have a limited budget, the concentrated version is the best option and you will undoubtedly be well served.

If money is not a problem, the isolated version is one of the best whey's on the market, and has a 93% protein content, all practically without carbohydrates and fat.

You find both supplements here.

Pass by this link and get an even better price on these supplements with the codes Myprotein!

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7 comentários

  1. Goodnight!
    What is the recommended dose to take after a workout? 25g or 100g of protein alone?
    Thank you!

        1. Yes, the scoop of both Myprotein concentrate and isolate is 25g.

  2. Goodnight! In the last few months I have always ordered the impact whey isolate natural from my protein, and the nutritional values corresponded correctly and I liked the results! This week I ordered an isolate but with white chocolate, as the flavor is at a discount! I received it today, and I looked at the nutritional values and there was, for 25g, 14g of carbohydrates of which 14g were sugars! how is this possible in an isolated protein ??
    Thank you!

    1. It is most likely to be a printing problem and missing the comma but nothing like contacting Myprotein to confirm :)

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