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Bulk Pure Whey Protein, the review (2021)

Bulk Pure Whey Protein...good protein, or another one to leave out?

It's been a while since we posted a review of a supplement here. A long time, even.

But here is the comeback and with a Whey protein.

The type of supplement that we have already discussed so much in site, of various brands, and that - we hope - will soon make a general update. O protein top very precise.

First of all, here is a note before we start the actual analysis.

If grades aren't your thing, you can always jump to the section that interests you.


We have a small partnership with the Bulk brand.

When you place an order on the site by following a our linkwe earn a small percentage. *

It is a brand that we appreciate, and when the opportunity arose recently, we took it.

"Working" with brands that we consider good quality makes it easier, and we are selective in this regard.

However, as we have already mentioned several times, impartiality is our goal in all the analyses we do.

With or without partnership.

Here is no exception, and if you have any feedback to give, the comments area is always available.

In short, we have a partnership with the brand that sells the product that we are now going to analyze.

* At no cost to you.


As many brands do, the Bulk Pure Whey Protein is sold with and without flavor.

The ingredients change very slightly, as does the nutritional value.

In the unflavored version this protein is composed of only two ingredients, Protein Concentrated Whey and Sunflower Lecithin.

If you have read any of our reviews, you know that this is, in our opinion, positive.

Protein without useless additions and only the inclusion of sunflower lecithin, an emulsifier.

This doesn't tell the whole story, or we would stop here, but the ingredients used point to a good Whey Concentrate supplement.

In the flavored versions, the usual ingredients are used.

In addition to Whey Concentrate and sunflower lecithin, flavorings, colorings, sweeteners, and thickeners are also present.

Nothing unusual.

With or without flavor?

The price is the same, with a slight nutritional advantage for the unflavored version and a big flavor advantage for the others.

bulk pure whey protein review

Nutritional value

Ingredients presented, it's time for the valuable nutritional table.

The difference is not much, but we chose to arrange it by unflavored version, vanilla and chocolate.
















Chocolate is as a (very) general rule the flavor that always has the worst nutritional values, regardless of the brand.

Vanilla usually represents a middle ground.

And then we have the tasteless one.

In terms of protein, the chocolate version has 5g less than the unflavored Bulk Pure Whey Protein, and 8g more carbohydrates.

It wins, however, in fats, where it has 3g less. 2-1.

Vanilla comes close on the protein level to the unflavored unflavored, with slightly more carbohydrates but less fat.

The maximum protein you can find in the Bulk Pure Whey Protein line is 77g as you can see in the table.

Basically, unless all your protein comes from shakes, which better not be the case, these differences will have no impact on your results.


This is the aminogram of Bulk Pure Whey Protein (Source)

Amino Acid Profile
Alanine 4.00 Lysine 7.33
Arginine 1.67 Methionine 1.67
Aspartic Acid 8.67 Phenylalanine 2.33
Cysteine 1.67 Proline 4.33
Glutamic Acid 14 Serine 3.67
Glycine 1 Threonine 5.33
Histidine 1.33 Tryptophan 1.00
Isoleucine 5 Tyrosine 2.00
Leucine 8 Valina 4.67

It has already become a habit.

How much glycine does the protein have?

Although in this case, according to the ingredients, it was just habit and not logic.

It is a perfectly normal aminogram, of a protein with 77% protein content, and that does not make use of tricks like many brands on the market.

The total BCAA's per 100g of Bulk Pure Whey Protein is 17.67%.

It's good? It's bad?

We won't get into big comparisons just yet, because as we said, we have to update the reviews section of the site.

However, it is within the standards for this type of protein.


And so we come to probably the most complicated area of the analysis.


Because base prices are practically never used, and if they are used, they greatly change the valuation of this supplement.

Whether it's a promotion or a promo code, the value always ends up being (significantly) lower than it's supposed to be.

We have drawn up two tables to represent this, one with the base value and one with the promotion currently in effect (45% discount).

500g 1kg 2.5kg 5kg
Regular Price € 14.99 25.99€ 56.99€ 99.99€
With discount 8.23€ 14.28€ 31.33€ 54.98€

That base price for the 5kg format is not very nice to pay, but as you can see, it's currently at $54.98 without using any code.

500g 1kg 2.5kg 5kg
Cost per dose/30g 0,90€ 0.78€ 0,68€ 0,60€
Cost / 100g protein 3,89€ 3,37€ 2,96€ 2,60€
With promotion
Cost Per Serving 0,49€ 0,43€ 0,38€ 0,33€
Cost / 100g protein 2,13€ 1,85€ € 1.62 1,43€

The cost per 100g of protein represents what you pay not per 100g of product, but per 100g of pure protein itself.

It is a very effective way to check the cost of a product against the cost per dose.

In this case, you need 129.87g of product to get 100g of protein.

Looking at the two values, the one with and without promotion, it seems that we are looking at two different products.

It's not the case.

But that's just the way it is.

One variant of Bulk Pure Whey Protein is a good choice, the other is not.

The one that costs $56.99 for 2.5kg is a choice that leaves something to be desired due to its price.

The one that stays at $31.33 for the same quantity is another story.

In other words, we have two evaluations for the same protein.

bulk whey Portugal

Where to buy?

You find Bulk Pure Whey Protein available here.

If you have never used Bulk before, use this link and you are entitled to 35% discount on your entire order.


Bulk Pure Whey Protein is a protein in the line of Myprotein's Impact Whey and Real Whey from Prozis.

Simple and quality.

No unnecessary additions and the protein you are looking for.

However, much like mainly Impact Whey, but also Real Whey, it's a choice that depends on whether you get them on sale...or not.

The base price is high.

The good news is that the promotions are extremely regular.

In short, if you find Bulk Pure Whey Protein on promotion, it is most likely a good buy (it also depends on the promotion, obviously).

Already in the case of the base price, as you may have realized, it's not a great choice.

The quality is there, it is just a question of at what price that quality is.

Recommended...on sale.

bulk pure whey protein
Bulk Pure Whey Protein
Positive Points
Good quality protein
Good price...usually
Variety of flavors
Negative Points
Bad Price...rarely
Where to buy

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