The most important rule in the gym

Do you know what this rule is?

The number one rule for getting results in the gym

There are a lot of factors at play to achieve good results in the gym.

In the food department, you have the type of diet you follow, the foods that you eat, when you eat them, quantities and more.

In the training also.

How many times should you go to the gym, what kind of training should you follow, how many repetitions should you do or which exercises to use. And not only that.

As if that were not enough, the time and quality of your rest is also crucial and there are still supplements.

It's hard not to get confused amid so many factors.

But there is one factor which is more important than everything else and it will influence all the others as well.

What is that and what rule are we talking about?

The most important factor in diet and training

What is this factor?

The most important factor in getting the results you want at the gym has a name.

It is also often relegated to the background. Sometimes it is not even considered.

It's called consistency.

The most important factor in the success of any diet, workout, or plan you follow is consistency.

It sounds simple, but is it that simple?

Cristiano Ronaldo answers.

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The consistency

Imagine Cristiano Ronaldo when he was a kid.

At first, he started playing football with his friends when he wanted to and without great any plan or rules.

The time spent on this hobby has started to increase, as has the discipline with him joining an official football club.

Then, not only was he becoming a better player, but he was moving to increasingly competitive and demanding clubs.

Training was increasingly disciplined and rigorous.

At a competitive level it also became more intense.

Eventually the diet also began to play a key role in his daily life beyond training and games.

Nowadays everything is extremely demanding and accurately measured to not only keep up but improve.

The whole process was done gradually and consistently.

Now imagine that this all started backwards.

Imagine Cristiano Ronaldo at the beginning following everything he does today.

Intense training, rigorous diet, extremely competitive games.

Do you think he could?

Would it be consistent?

Although diet, training and routines have changed, what has always remained is consistency.

It seems like it gave some results.

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Consistency in Diet

You are not satisfied with your current form, so you decide to follow the super plan of a professional athlete who has the body you want.

You have found his plan on the internet and you are determined, although it is an extreme change from what you are doing today.

Although the number of meals does not fit well with your schedule, you are decided.

You don't like half the food this athlete uses, but you're willing to make the sacrifice.

You want drastic changes, so you need a matching diet.

The problem?

It will not work.

For a diet to work, it needs to fit your schedule, needs to match your preferences, and needs to be viable in the long run.

Otherwise the odds of giving up quickly are high.

And if you give up there goes the consistency.

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Consistency in training

New Year New Life.

It's this year that you'll get your dream body, right?

For this you need an intense workout.

Your current plan of three weekly workouts is not working. Or maybe you're not even working out at all.

It doesn't matter, you still know where the gym is, right?

Something like five weekly workouts with immense volume and intensity just like your idol is the way to go.

Or maybe not.

Like we talked about above on your diet, the same applies for your workout. It should adapt to you and your daily life.

If you know it's very unlikely that you'll be able to visit the gym five times a week, is that a good idea?

If you know that you regularly have days when you can't go to the gym, does it make sense to ignore this factor?


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What's the solution?

The solution is above all being realistic.

The first thing to keep in mind when starting a diet and workout is consistency.

In the long run, how often do you think you can go to the gym consistently?

It's easy in the first week to say every day.

But in three months, can you say the same?

Will it not interfere with your professional life?

Or hinder any other area of ​​your life that you consider important.

If the answer is three weekly workouts, build your plan around three weekly workouts. Not five.

And the food?

What foods do you like and which foods do you hate?

Do you think you can eat only chicken and broccoli every day for months?

Or would it be more sustainable to diversify your diet a little and gradually adapt?

Or just eat four meals instead of seven if that's what fits your day to day best.


This does not mean that there should not be some sacrifices.

It doesn't mean that you just go to the gym once a week and eat only delicious foods.

Consistency without effort will not take you far.

But sacrifices will be minor and necessary, and above all, implemented gradually and with long-term thinking.

You can not get good results in the gym without effort.

Just as they cannot be achieved without consistency.

What you have to do is rather find the balance between them for your specific situation.

Plan in a realistic way so that you can stick to it long-term. Create habits.

It is in the long run that the results appear. Not in a week or a month.

There are a few more things that will help you get good results and the article The 7 Habits for Gym Success tell you what they are.

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