best chest exercises

What are the best exercises for the chest?

The list of the best chest exercises

The queue for the bench press on Mondays is well known, but is it useful to just bench press and go take a shower?


We've chosen a few more exercises for you to add to your chest training plan.

There aren't many, but they are effective, and you don't need a variety worthy of the IKEA catalogue, just half a dozen exercises to effectively work your chest.

All exercises are presented with an animated image, so it is normal for the page to take a little longer to load than normal.

Flat bench press and dumbbell press

Two classics.

The flat bench press is probably the most used exercise to work the chest, but the dumbbell press is not far behind either.

Both exercises allow you to work your chest quite effectively and move heavy loads.

Use at least one of these exercises in your chest training, do between 3 to 4 sets and between 6 to 10 repetitions, and your chest will grow.

flat bench press the best exercises for the chest
Flat bench press
dumbbell press the best exercises for chest
Dumbbell press

Incline Bench Press and Incline Dumbbell Press

Despite being just a variation of the exercises above, it was difficult not to include them when it comes to the best exercises to train your chest.

These are small variations, in which you raise the bench to around 45º and work the upper chest area more significantly.

They are two favorites of many, and with good reason.

slanted chest openings
Demonstration of the inclined splits exercise
incline bench press best exercises for chest
Incline bench press


We've already gone over the main ones, but a good auxiliary exercise for chest training are the splits.

It is no more effective than the bench press or press.

You will lift less load in this exercise.

But add this exercise to your training and you will see good results.

This movement is normally performed with dumbbells, but there is a very interesting variation with cables, which you can see below in the image.

flat openings chest workout
cable openings chest workout
Cable openings


There are only six exercises, but they are simple and effective exercises that will bring you good results.

Furthermore, five of these exercises are easy to perform for those who don't train in a gym, as they only require a barbell with weights or a pair of dumbbells.

Be careful, although there are six good exercises, it doesn't mean you need to do them all.

Finally, what exercises would you add to this list? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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