What is a multivitamin?

Multivitamin supplements are combinations of vitamins and minerals combined in supplement form, usually 1 or 2 tablets.

They serve to achieve the daily values of vitamins and minerals in a diet.

Formulas differ from brand to brand.

Devem ser tomados em refeições que contenham fat já que as vitaminas liposoluveis contidas nesta fórmulas precisam de uma fonte de gordura para serem correctamente absorvidas.

Examples of multivitamins:

Main results expected from multivitamins:

The benefits of multivitamins usually depend on possible deficiencies, in a diet that already meets all the requirements of vitamins and minerals, the benefits will be minimal.

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  1. regarding alpha men, how many pills should i take? since I started gym activity almost two months ago ...

  2. Good afternoon, what is your opinion regarding Biotech USA One-a-day? Comparing it to, for example, Alpha-Men or Opti-men, the latter being very expensive compared to the others.
    And now this would also be a suggestion for you to make. A top of the best multivitamins or reviews to the main ones.
    Continuation of an excellent job, this page is top! Compliments.

    1. Reviews and a multivitamin top is really an interesting topic, and one that will be covered on the page, but probably not soon.

      It is a more complex topic than it seems, and it would / will take some time :)

      Among these three products, unless you have a very intense lifestyle, you will probably be well served with One-A-Day.

      Opti-Men does not justify the price, and is even quite similar to One-A-Day.

      Alpha Men may be considered slightly superior for sportsmen, but it is also more expensive.

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