What is a multivitamin?

Multivitamin supplements are combinations of vitamins and minerals brought together in supplement form, usually 1 or 2 tablets.

They serve to achieve the daily values of vitamins and minerals in a diet.

Formulas differ from brand to brand.

They should be taken with meals that contain fat as the fat-soluble vitamins contained in these formulas need a source of fat to be correctly absorbed.

Examples of multivitamins:

Main results expected from multivitamins:

  • Greater immunity
  • More energy

The benefits of multivitamins normally depend on possible deficiencies; in a diet that already meets all vitamin and mineral requirements, the benefits will be minimal.

6 thoughts on “Multivitaminico”

  1. Regarding alpha men, how many pills should I take? since I started working at the gym almost two months ago…

  2. Diogo Rodrigues

    Good afternoon, what is your opinion regarding Biotech USA's One-a-day? Comparing, for example, to Alpha-Men or Opti-men, the latter being very expensive compared to the others.
    And by the way, this would also be a suggestion for you to make. A top of the best multivitamins or reviews of the main ones.
    Continuation of excellent work, this page is top! Compliments.


      Reviews and a top of multivitamins is a really interesting topic, and one that will be covered on the page, but probably not soon.

      It's a more complex topic than it seems, and it would/will take some time :)

      Between these three products, unless you have a very intense lifestyle, you will probably be well served with One-A-Day.

      Opti-Men doesn't justify the price, and it's actually quite similar to One-A-Day.

      Alpha Men can be considered slightly superior for athletes, but it is also more expensive.

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