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Dymatize Elite Fusion 7 – Review

Dymatize Elite Fusion 7 supplement review

Elite Fusion 7 is one of the protein supplements of the well-known brand Dymatize, responsible for the already analyzed, Elite Whey.

While Elite Whey is a supplement exclusively of whey protein, Elite Fusion 7 is a mixture of several protein sources, and as such, it presents itself as a gradual absorption protein.

It is a supplement very similar to Syntha-6 BSN, with the same target audience, but (lightly) best.

Let's start by analyzing the ingredients used in this formula, which are not few.


The list of ingredients is long, but let's first talk about the protein sources used.

Find the list of ingredients here.

Dymatize uses in this supplement a so-called Elite Fusion 7 protein matrix, which consists of:

  • Concentrated whey
  • Concentrated milk protein
  • Albumin
  • Isolated milk protein
  • Isolated whey
  • Micellar casein
  • Hydrolyzed Whey

Basically, this formula is composed of the two milk proteins, alternating only the production method, and Albumin, the egg protein.

THE Concentrated whey it is the best known, it is the type of protein most used in protein supplements and it is also the one with the greatest presence in Elite Fusion 7. It is quickly absorbed.

THE Concentrated milk protein it is a mixture of 80% casein with 20% whey, and if you are not familiar with Casein, it is a protein with extremely slow absorption. The Albumin, is the protein you find in the egg, and it is also a good quality protein source, with an intermediate absorption, slower than Whey, but faster than Casein.

Then we have the Isolated milk protein and the Isolated whey, which are similar to their concentrated versions, but with less carbohydrates and fats, and more protein.

At the end of this matrix, we have the Micellar casein and the Hydrolyzed Whey, in which the first is a protein with extremely slow absorption, as mentioned above, and hydrolyzed Whey, which is the most expensive version of Whey and with the fastest absorption of all proteins contained in this formula, although it is the protein source with less presence in Elite Fusion 7.

Protein sources are shown.

All of them with good quality, and with different absorption times, which confirms the fact that Elite Fusion 7 is a gradual absorption protein supplement.

Although the protein sources are good, the list of ingredients extends well beyond proteins, and makes use of lots of products to give a good taste to this supplement.

From sunflower oil to the use of maltodextrin, it was already expected that the values of carbohydrates and fats would rise, as you will be able to confirm further below.

CLA and MCT's are also present in Elite Fusion 7, although amounts are not specified, and are very likely to be present in low amounts.

Finally, this supplement also contains Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, B12 and some digestive enzymes, which is good.

We will not go into more detail in the list of ingredients, which is already long, but if you have any questions just use the comments area below.

elite fusion 7

Nutritional value

Dose %
Proteins 23g 52.27%
Carbohydrates 12g 26.43%
Fats 5g 11%


Each serving of this supplement weighs 45.4g and provides 23g of protein, in addition to 12g of carbohydrates and 5g of fats.

This means that Elite Fusion 7 from Dymatize is a protein supplement with a protein content of just 52.27%, meaning only half is protein.

It is slightly higher than Syntha-6 of BSN in terms of protein, but it is still a very low value for a supplement of this type.

As for carbohydrates, they represent 26,43% of this product, and 11% are fats. Although about half of the carbohydrates are fiber, it is still too high a value.

The percentage of BCAA's Elite Fusion, as you would expect, is also low, with only 10,83% of BCAA's.

We are going to put this supplement face to face not only with BSN's already mentioned Syntha-6, but also other supplements in the same category, to facilitate the evaluation of the quality, or lack thereof, of this product.

Elite Fusion 7 Syntha-6 Syntha-6 Edge Total Protein Combat Powder
Proteins 52,76% 45,83% 61,54% 77% 74,41%
Carbohydrates 26,43% 20,83% 13,51% 4.6% 14,88%
Fats 11% 12.5% 9,46% 3% 4,46%


What about Elite Fusion 7 by Dymatize?

It is the second supplement with less protein, surpassing only BSN's Syntha-6, but when it comes to carbohydrates, it is the undisputed leader.

In fats, only Syntha-6 is also able to present a higher value.

If we compare to Total Protein from Myprotein or Combat Powder from MusclePharm, the differences in terms of protein content are minus 24.24% and 21.65%, respectively.

Elite Fusion 7 is clearly a protein supplement lacking in?protein.

elite fusion dymatize


The price used to make this assessment was that charged by the Prozis store.

Doses 40
Cost Per Serving 1.40?
Cost per 100g protein 5.90?
Total cost 55.99?


If you choose to purchase the Elite Fusion 7 in the 1.814g version, you have about 40 doses/shakes per bucket, where each dose will cost you 1.40?.

In addition to the cost per serving, the cost per 100g of pure protein is an incredible 5.90€.

Incredible? Why?

Let's see below why.

Elite Fusion Syntha-6 Syntha-6 Edge Total Protein Combat Powder
Doses 40 48 48 41 54
Cost / dose 1.40? 0.97? 0.79? 1.09? 0.88?
Cost / 100g protein 5.90? 4.66? 3.30? 2.33? 3.58?
Total cost 55.99? 47? 37.99? 44.99? 47.99?


Elite Fusion 7 from Dymatize is:

  • The supplement with fewer doses
  • The one with the highest cost per dose
  • The most expensive when we analyze the cost per 100g of protein
  • The one with the highest total value, that is, the one that you will pay the most when you go to buy it

[toggle title=”What is the cost per 100g of protein?” state=”close” ]The cost per 100g of protein is the amount you pay not for 100g of product/supplement, but the amount you pay for 100g of pure protein.


Elite Fusion 7 in every 100g of powder, only 52,27% is pure protein.

To have 100g of protein in Elite Fusion 7 you need 191.31g of powder to reach the real 100g of protein.

This metric is the best way to analyze the price of a protein supplement, as it is not subject to pre-established doses by the brands and makes the cost uniform across all protein supplements.[/toggle]

Only Syntha-6 manages to be nutritionally inferior, and all other supplements in the table are (much) superior to the Dymatize product.

It is the most expensive of all the proteins on the list and for no reason.

dymatize elite fusion

Where to buy?

Dymatize Elite Fusion 7 is available here and you can still use the code AFFJA-10 to get 10% discount.



Elite Fusion 7 is not a good gradual absorption protein supplement.

The protein values of this supplement barely exceed 50%, are accompanied by 26% of carbohydrates and a price clearly exaggerated.


We can point out the sources of protein used, which are good, but it does little good to have good sources of protein when the protein content is so low.

After all, we are talking about a protein supplement, and that is something that Elite Fusion 7 lacks ... Protein.

If you are determined to buy a supplement of this type, take a look at the Total Protein Myprotein or MusclePharm Combat Powder.

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