Drop Set

What is a drop set?

In the drop set you will remove weight to continue doing the same exercise, without rest.

With this technique you will need two people to help you if the exercise is done with a barbell.

If it is done with dumbbells you will need to have the dumbbells to be used in the drop set prepared before starting.

You shouldn't over-apply this technique, ie using the drop set in every exercise is not a good idea.

Example 1

Drop Set

José put 160kg in the dead weight and did 10 reps but can't do more.

Mário and Pedro who are helping him, weigh 30 kg on each side and José does 5 more repetitions.

His two friends take off more weight, this time 20kg on each side, and José does 4 more repetitions, this time for a total weight of just 60kg.

Example 2

Drop Set

António is going to do a drop set at triceps extension machine.

He puts on 40kg, does 10 reps and can't do any more.

Quickly removes 15kg from the weight of the machine and does 5 more repetitions.

Without being able to do any more repetitions with the 25kg, he removes 10kg more and does 4 more repetitions with a total weight of 15kg.

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