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How to gain weight…

This is a common problem, mainly for ectomorphs.

Sometimes you're convinced you've eaten enough and you just can't gain weight.

But most of the time, You simply didn't consume enough calories to gain weight.

The problem is, in many cases, you can't eat any more!

It's difficult to achieve high calories if you limit yourself to low-calorie foods, so it's a good idea to use more calorically dense foods, but not only that.

Below are some foods and tips that will help you get more calories into your diet, even when you think you can't eat more than what you already eat.


Use olive oil not only to cook your meals but also to drizzle over your food.
Pour a little olive oil over the meat, vegetables and rice.

Olive oil is a highly caloric food, with around 800Kcal per 100ml.
Yes, 800Kcal.

This is probably the easiest method for someone who can't eat anymore to add calories to their diet, as olive oil is extremely simple to add to the meals you already eat.

If you're brave, you can always try drinking tablespoons of olive oil, it's not easy, but each one has around 100kcal!

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Peanut butter

Do you use bread? Bar with peanut butter.
Do you make your smoothies in the blender? Pour in some peanut butter.
Eating peanut butter with a spoon is also a possibility, and it's tasty.

For every 100g you have around 625kcal.
A tablespoon of peanut butter has around 80Kcal.

Tip: Use natural peanut butter, without additives such as hydrogenated fat or dextrose, you will find natural peanut butter here.

how to gain weight

Dry fruits

Dried fruits are another good aid and will help you gain weight.
You can use them during meals or between meals, they are practical and you can take them anywhere.

Walnuts, hazelnuts or almonds are all good options.
Almonds, for example, provide 575Kcal per 100g.

25 almonds are about 30g, that is, almost 200kcal.

how to gain weight

Red meat and fatty fish

Use red meat.
Don't limit yourself to chicken and turkey breasts, they are good foods, but so are red meats.
In addition to being higher in calories, they also offer good amounts of vitamins and minerals and will help you gain weight.

Rump steak, for example, has around 170 Kcal per 100g, which is around 60 Kcal more than a chicken steak. The difference isn't much but, together with the other tips in this article, it will have an impact.

In the case of fatty fish, the situation is identical.
Less cod and more salmon.
Less fish fillet and more horse mackerel.

how to gain weight


Finally, don't throw away the yolks.
If you already use egg whites to increase your protein intake, use some of the egg yolks as well.

In addition to getting a greater amount of protein, you also get vitamins and minerals that are only found in the yolk and not in the egg white.

One egg white has 4g of protein and around 16Kcal.
One yolk provides 3g of protein but around 54Kcal.

As you can see, it's nothing revolutionary, but they are small details, which together, will make a big difference if your goal is to gain weight.

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