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Real Whey Protein – Analysis

Prozis Sport 100% Real Whey Protein Supplement Review

[box type=”info” align=”aligncenter” ]This review refers to the original version of Real Whey.

You can find the analysis for the new version here: Prozis Real Whey 2017

The 100% Real Whey Protein is the latest protein from Prozis Sport, the brand responsible for the weakness Whey Prime and for the very good 100% Whey Concentrate.

So what can we expect from this Real Whey?

It is a protein with a protein content between 80% and 82%, depending on whether it tastes or not, with an interesting price and… to learn more, read the analysis.

Starting with the basics, this supplement is available in three different formats, starting with the 200g mini, moving to an intermediate 900g and the largest is 2000g, that is, 2kg.

In addition, it is available in various flavors and also in a natural version, that is, without flavor.

To make this analysis more complete, we chose to analyze the values of the tasteless version and also the vanilla version, since there are significant differences between the flavored and tasteless version, not only in nutritional terms but also in terms of price.

The ingredients in this supplement are simple: concentrated whey and an emulsifier, soy lecithin.

In the flavored version, there are also traditional flavorings, sweeteners and little more, depending on the flavor.

It is a simple formula, which in the case of proteins, is usually a good sign.

Nutritional value

Tasteless version

25g 100g
Proteins 20.5g 82g
Carbohydrates 1g 4g
Fats 1.9g 7.6g

Vanilla flavored version

25g 100g
Proteins 20g 80g
Carbohydrates 2.6g 10.4g
Fats 1.5g 6g


As you can see from the table, there are some differences between the flavorless version and the flavored version.

The flavorless version has a protein content of 82% and contains 4g of carbohydrates and 7.6g of fats, which is very reminiscent of 100% Whey Concentrate of the same brand.

As for the flavored version, the protein content is slightly lower (80%) and carbohydrates are situated at 10.4% while fats represent 6% of the total value.

So, is this good or is it bad?

It is very good, considering that it is an exclusively concentrated whey supplement, and at first glance it seems to be at the level of best whey supplements concentrated, but as we have seen in previous analyzes, nutritional values are not enough to confirm the quality of a protein supplement.



This is the aminogram of the 100% Real Whey Protein unflavored version and this is where the Achilles heel of this supplement resides.


Because its concentration of BCAA's is slightly below the average of what we find in the best concentrated whey supplements.

Tasteless Vanilla
25g / serving 4.36g 4.2g
100g 17.4g 16.8g


In the unflavored version the concentration of BCAA's is 17.4%, while in the flavored version it is 16.8%.

It is not low at the level of the weak Whey Prime, it is nothing dramatic, but it is a little lower and we will put these values in comparison with some supplements in the same category.

Impact Whey without flavor 100% Whey Concentrate Gold Standard ON Impact Whey with flavor Total Whey Gold Nutrition
BCAA's/% 18.77% 18.77% 18.70% 18.32% 17.70%


The 100% Real Whey Protein without flavor is inferior to the Gold Nutrition Total Whey with flavor, supplement that came in 8th place in our list.

Again, this difference is not very significant, especially in the unflavored version, but it does exist.



200g 900g 2000g
Doses 8 36 80
Cost Per Serving 0.43? 0.36? 0.30?
Cost per 100g protein 2.14? 1.76? 1.46?
Total cost 3.49? 12.99? 23.99?

With flavor

200g 900g 2000g
Doses 8 36 80
Cost Per Serving 0.43? 0.44? 0.34?
Cost per 100g protein 2.18? 2.22? 1.75?
Total cost 3.49? 15.99? 27.99?


If the concentration of BCAA's is the weakness of Real Whey Protein, we can say that the price is its strongest point.

The values vary between 3.49? for the small pack of 200g up to 27.99? for the flavored 2kg version, and the cost per serving ranges from 0.44? per beat up to 0.30?.

Although prices can always change, at this moment this is the cheapest supplement that we have already analyzed, even being cheaper than the inferior Whey Prime of the same brand.

As it could not be missing, let's compare the values of Real Whey Protein again to some supplements in the same category.

Real Whey Protein without flavor Real Whey Protein with flavor Impact Whey without flavor 100% Whey concentrate Gold Standard ON Impact Whey with flavor Total Whey Gold Nutrition
Cost per 100g protein 1.46? 1.75? 1.5? 1.89? 3.12? 1.81? 3.25?


First of all, what is this cost per 100g of protein?

The cost per 100g of protein shows how much you pay to get 100g of protein, that is, it is the price for each 100g of real protein and not 100g of powder / supplement, and it is the most accurate way to analyze the price of a supplement of protein.

Real Whey Protein is slightly cheaper than the reputable one Impact Whey, and significantly cheaper compared to Gold Standard by Optimum Nutrition Or the Gold Nutrition Total Whey.

Where to buy?

You find this supplement available here and you can still use the code GVIRTUAL to get 10% discount.


The great asset of Real Whey Protein is the price, and if this is to be maintained and not a launch price, this supplement will certainly be a success, since it is not only cheaper but much higher than the one sold a lot Whey Prime of the same brand.

In addition to the price, the protein concentration is very good and the values of carbohydrates and fats are within the normal range of what you would expect from concentrated whey.

Not everything is perfect and looking at the aminogram we find the weak point of this supplement, which is the lower than average concentration of BCAA's.

It’s not the most quality protein supplement we’ve reviewed, that title belongs to ISO: PRO 97 and the ISOGREAT, but in the price/quality category, it is quite similar to what is considered the best whey of the moment in this field, the Impact Whey, losing a little in BCAA concentration but gaining a little in price.

If you have already used this supplement leave your opinion in the comments.

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15 thoughts on “Real Whey Protein – Análise”

  1. Hello, good analysis but since we are in Portugal it was also good to mention that if we buy only this protein at Prozis the final amount we pay is just this, that is, with free shipping and Prozis Points. While if we just want to buy Impact Whey we have to pay more (1.85?) which makes the price more expensive per 100gr not to mention delivery in more days. Don't you think this information is relevant? Since they devalue one protein over another by less than 1,37% of BCAA's, why not take this into account.
    Here's the tip.
    Keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Peter, thanks for the comment.

      We chose to analyze only the products and not the services, as this depends a lot from store to store and there are too many variables to be able to make an accurate analysis.

      At Impact Whey you pay 1.85? of shipping if you buy the 2.5kg version, but if you want 5kg shipping is already free (purchases over 54.99?).

      With Real Whey you are obliged to buy the 2kg version if you want to try this supplement, because the minimum purchase on Prozis is 20?, but you don't really pay postage in this situation, however, if you live in the islands the delivery time is not 1 business day and postage is not free.

  2. Good afternoon

    for the moment and this protein that I am using, and I even find it with good quality in relation to the price.
    good analysis of the product. at the beginning i was somewhat doubtful in acquiring it due to the amount of amino acids, something that you also addressed but it did not seem to me a problem as big as that.
    normally my protein of choice is Prostar from Ultimate Nutrition but I decided to buy this one from Prozis to try it due to the good value.
    now you could analyze Prostar, give your analysis and opinion, even because it is in my opinion one of the best, if not the best standard whey on the market, sinning only for the relatively high price.

    thanks in advance and keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Paulo,
      Yes, the difference in BCAA's is minimal, it's a good protein :)
      As for Ultimate Nutrition's Prostar protein, at first glance it appears to be very similar to Optimum Nutrition's Gold Standard, even in price! But thanks for the suggestion :)

  3. Good morning,

    I know it is not directly related to this topic as it is a different type of protein but can you tell me your opinion about Soya Pro from Activlab?



  4. Good evening, I was watching this analysis and then I went to the brand's website and I realized that the values do not correspond, that is, at least the amino acids of the current real whey are with very good values (23.3) in the case of vanilla by example and with 79 of protein. Can you confirm if this change in values really existed in the real whey or if it's just me seeing it wrong...
    Thanks and keep up the excellent work.

    1. Hello João, I think I can answer this question, ginasiovirtual correct me if I'm wrong. Unflavored Real Whey has a protein content of 82.4% and in the case of BCAA's it has 23.3%, but in 100g of protein. That is, for the 82.4g of protein, we have the true value of 19.19%, which is still a great value! The product must have been improved after this analysis.

      1. 1

        Yes Nuno, that's basically it.

        We posted a warning that this review is out of date and will be revised, but as the improvements were significant, we chose to create a new version (hence the delay), which is almost finished :)

  5. Good afternoon,

    I noticed that Real Whey Protein brings a much larger scoop when compared to Whey Prime. Each serving is 25g, however the serving sizes are different. Is Real Whey's Scoop bigger than 25g???


    1. 1

      Hi Nuno.

      According to the indication on the Prozis website, a dose of Whey Prime 2.0 corresponds to 2 scoops, while in the case of Real Whey, one is enough.

  6. 1
    Paulo Jose'Ruivo dos Santos

    On the website it says that this product is sold out
    However, I saw that they have a one called “100% Real Whey Isolate” which I assume is isolated protein
    Can you give me feedback on this product?

  7. 1
    Papy Tavares Coa

    Hello I have my real whey 100% protein

    But I'm not seeing development in my body.

    In other words, how should I inject correctly

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