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Mutant Whey – Analysis

O Mutant Whey As the name suggests, it is a whey protein supplement, which mixes several types of this protein in a (very) extensive formula.

We'll start by saying that it's a supplement that leaves a little to be desired, but if you want to know more, there's nothing like reading the full analysis.

Starting with the basics, this supplement is available in several national stores in three formats:

  • 907g
  • 2.27kg
  • 4.54kg

In addition to the three different sizes, there are also three different flavors:

  • Strawberry cream
  • Triple chocolate
  • Vanilla ice cream

In the case of this review, the flavor chosen was vanilla ice cream, as there are slight changes between flavors, as is normal.


Now moving on to the list of ingredients, there may be few whey protein supplements on the market with so many ingredients in their formula!

mutant whey

Looking at the list of ingredients, it is difficult to decode this formula, but let's translate it simply.

The main ingredients of this supplement, as expected, are sources of protein, with concentrated whey being the form present in greatest abundance in this product, followed by isolated whey and finally hydrolyzed isolated whey.

Then we have what the brand calls ?Controlled release complex? which is nothing more than a mixture of carbohydrates such as oats, soy or modified starch and also an emulsifier and a stabilizer.

Yes, this supplement has ingredients such as oats and soy added, meaning it is not exclusively whey.

This product also includes several added amino acids such as Taurine, Threonine, Glycine, Glutamine and L-Leucine.

Finally, you have those ingredients that do not appear on the nutritional table, such as flavorings, sweeteners, etc.

Without looking at the nutritional table, with this list of ingredients it is already expected that this product leaves a little to be desired, mainly due to the added carbohydrates.

Nutritional value

36g 100g
Proteins 22g 61g
Carbohydrates 7g 19.5g
Fats 3.5g 9.7g


The nutritional value of this protein supplement is not impressive, on the contrary, it is bad.

Each dose of Mutant Whey it provides 22g of protein, which is great, but each dose is made up of 36g of supplement, which is not so good and will make this whey run out quickly.

But what really matters are the values per 100g, and in addition to a very low protein content of 61%, this supplement is made up of 19.5% of carbohydrates and 9.7% of fats.

If you're on the subject you know that these values are low, if you're not on the subject here's a table with various whey protein supplements so you can see the differences in terms of protein content.

Mutant Whey ON Gold Standard Impact Whey Scitec Professional Prozis Whey Concentrate GN Total Whey
Protein/% 61.00% 81.63% 82.00% 73.3% 82.00% 76.92%


The difference between Mutant Whey and the others is quite significant, with the closest being Whey Professional from Scitec with a difference of 12.3%, and compared to Impact Whey Or the Prozis Whey Concentrate, the difference is 21%!

In other words, this protein supplement consists of only 61% of protein, which is VERY low, and 19.5% of carbohydrates, which is (very) bad.


Click to enlarge.

This is the aminogram presented on the brand's official website, in relation to 2 scoops, that is, 72g.

As expected, with such a low protein content, the amino acid profile will also be low.

Mutant Whey
BCAA's/dose 4.86g
BCAA's/% 13.50%


Mutant Whey has a concentration of BCAA's of just 13.5%.

This value is the second worst we have analyzed to date, being only ?surpassed? by the famous Whey Prime from Prozis.

Here is also a basis for comparing these 13.5% of BCAA's in relation to various products in the same category.

Mutant Whey ON Gold Standard Impact Whey Scitec Professional Prozis Whey Concentrate GN Total Whey
BCAA's/% 13.50% 18.70% 18.77% 16.03% 18.77% 17.70%


Once again, Mutant Whey lags WAY behind other supplements of the same kind, and you can already tell that in terms of quality, Mutant Whey is not a good choice.


907g 2.27kg 4.54kg
Doses 25 63 126
Cost per dose 1.00? 0.73? 0.69?
Cost per 100g protein 4.50? 3.30? 3.16?
Total cost 25.00? 46.00? 88.00?


The only thing that could save this supplement a little would be the price, but no.

Although prices always vary from store to store, this is an approximate value of what you find online, and to get 100g of real protein with this product, you will pay a lot!

The cost per 100g of real protein with this supplement ranges from 3.16? in the 4.54kg version up to 4.5? (!) in the smallest format.

The cost per dose varies between 0.69? up to 1? per shake.

Once again, let’s put these values into perspective.

Mutant Whey 2.27kg ON Gold Standard 2.2kg Impact Whey 2.5kg Scitec Professional 2.3kg Prozis Whey Concentrate 2kg GN Total Whey 2kg
Cost per 100g protein 3.30? 3.12? 1.50? 3.07? 1.88? 3.25?


Mutant Whey, despite being the worst protein supplement on the list we used to compare, is the most expensive.

To get 100g of real protein with this product, you need 163g of supplement, and the cost of 163g of Mutant Whey is around 3.30? in the 2.27kg version.

Mutant Whey is not only more expensive than the known (and expensive) Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard, as it is more expensive than isolated whey ISO:PRO 97 and practically the same price as ISOGREAT from Scitec Nutrition, this is also an isolated whey.

Of course, if you just look at the total cost, Mutant Whey appears to be cheaper, but if you look at the number of doses and the cost per 100g of protein? things change!

mutant whey

Where to buy?

You can find this supplement available here and you can still use the code GVIRTUAL to get a discount.

You can also find it available here at Body&Fit.


A Mutant Whey manages to combine in a single product a low protein content, a high percentage of carbohydrates, low levels of BCAA's and a high price.

The marketing of this brand is strong and tries to disguise the (many) weaknesses of this supplement under several supposed advanced complexes, when in essence it is nothing more than a supplement with just 61% of protein and a high 19.5% of carbohydrates.

It is so weak that even with the addition of Leucine, its percentage of BCAA's is only 13.5%.

It is difficult to imagine a situation in which this supplement would be a good buy, as it does not stand out in terms of quality or price, and there are plenty of alternatives that are superior in every way.

You find here all analyzes carried out to date and here our list of the best whey protein supplements.

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