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Do you like the gym? Training? Weights, bars, dumbbells.

Cardio yes, too.

Food and the various aspects of nutrition.

Supplements, do you have a degree?

Okay, enough jokes.

Did you read anything on the website?

If not, take a look.

Do you think you can contribute quality articles?

If so, send us an email to geral@ginasiovirtual.com with the title “I like training”.

Because the ideal person combines not only theory but also a taste for practice.

And no, it's not volunteering. Just don't count on getting rich.

To date, ginasiovirtual.com has limited itself to covering its expenses with advertisements and affiliate links.

It covers expenses, and generates a small profit. That's why we're looking for someone who can contribute (it could even be more than articles, we're open to ideas) to make the site better.

More quality information, and yes, with payment and attribution of the article (if it is an article) to its author.

A beautiful box with social networks, contact details, photo and a short description.

This for an audience with….a few users.

And the corresponding payment.

So what are you waiting for?

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