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Scitec King Creatine supplement review

In this analysis you will find not only what Scitec King Creatine is, but also a detailed analysis of the ingredients used, how you should take it and where to buy it.

Finally, you will find our final product evaluation with a brief explanation.

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What is Scitec King Creatine?

Scitec King Creatine is another one of several formulas for Creatine from the Scitec Nutrition brand.

It combines a so-called Multi-Creatine Matrix with a Support Matrix, which totals 9 ingredients used in this product.

It is only available in the format of 120 capsules in which each dose consists of 4 units.

We will separate the two matrices of this supplement and talk a little about each of them in this analysis.

Meetings here the nutritional table and ingredients of Scitec King Creatine according to the official website of Scitec Nutrition.

Multi-Creatine Matrix


Multi-Creatine Matrix (4g) - Creatine Citrate, Micronized Creatine Monohydrate and Anhydrous Creatine.

The Multi-Creatine Matrix is the basis of this product, and is basically composed of 3 types of Creatine.

Although Scitec does not present the values used for each one, Prozis on its website reveals that it is 2g, 1g and 1g respectively, which matches the order in the list of ingredients.

Creatine Citrate is another one of several forms of Creatine that promises better results than the classic Creatine Monohydrate.

In theory, water solubility will be slightly higher than monohydrate, although solubility is not normally a problem in creatine absorption.

This type of Creatine still has a major disadvantage.

While the monohydrate form is composed of 88% Creatine, Creatine Citrate is around 50% Creatine only.

The micronized Creatine Monohydrate is the classic form of Creatine, and more studied, still submitted to a micronization process, to improve the solubility of Creatine in water.

It is the ideal form of supplementation with Creatine.

Finally, Creatine Anhydrous is similar to Creatine Monohydrate.

Support Matrix


  • L-Arginine Hydrochloride (200mg)
  • L-Lysine Hydrochloride (100mg)
  • L-Leucine (100mg)
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid (100mg)
  • Calcium Alpha-Ketoglutarate (40mg)
  • Nicotinamide (2.5mg)

The support matrix is a combination of six ingredients, and in this case, there is something that they all share in common in this formula.

They are in decorative doses.

For example, Mega Arginine is the Arginine supplement from Scitec Nutrition, and uses the same form of Arginine as King Creatine.

The recommended dose by the brand for Mega Arginine is 1.3g, while King Creatine for 4 capsules offers only 200mg.

L-Lysine shows some synergy with L-Arginine, but not at a dose of 100 mg.

L-Leucine is one of the three amino acids of the so-called BCAA's, and is the most important of the 3 when it comes to winning muscle mass.

The BCAA 6400 supplement from Scitec Nutrition uses 2.2g per dose, while King Creatine, stays at 100 mg.

Alpha Lipoic Acid can help increase the concentration of Creatine in the muscles according to This one study.

However, while the study used 1g of this ingredient, King Creatine is 1/10, that is, 100mg.

Finally, a minimal dose of calcium and Vitamin B3.

In short, this support matrix is unlikely to have any impact on your results.

scitec king creatine

How to take?

The brand recommends taking one dose for every 15 kg of body weight for 5 days as a loading phase.

This for a person with 75kg means 5 doses, which totals 20 pills a day and you have 20 pills left at the end of the loading phase.

After the 5 days of the loading phase, Scitec Nutrition recommends taking only one dose per day.

If you do not intend to do the loading phase, start with this dose.

Do not forget that each dose corresponds to 4 tablets and not one.

Is this the ideal dose of Creatine?

In the case of this supplement, each dose corresponds to 4g of Creatine, however, as using Creatine Citrate, the dose of pure Creatine is slightly lower than normal.

The most common number is usually 5g, however, if you are very thin, just 3g to 4g will give you good results, while if you are heavier, you can use 6g.

Regarding the loading phase, it is optional, and only serves to start seeing effects more quickly.

It is important to highlight, supplementation is done every day, that is, nothing to take only on training days.

Where to buy?

You find this supplement available here, and when using the code GVIRTUAL you still get 10% discount.


Scitec King Creatine is presented as a formula with three types of Creatine, plus six other ingredients, which theoretically served to improve the effectiveness of the supplement.

As you may have noticed from the analysis, it is nothing more than a Creatine supplement, as the other ingredients are in too low doses.

Each dose of this supplement has a cost of 0.60 €, but if you want to use the typical 5g of Creatine daily, you need to use 5 capsules, and that increases the cost to 0.75 €.

For less than half the price you get a supplement of Creatine Monohydrate capsules, and if you really like Scitec, the Scitec Mega Creatine it is a better option.

A banal supplement, at an abnormal price.

If you want to know more about creatine supplementation, our guide will help to clarify all your doubts and is available here.

To consult all the analyzes to creatine supplements, go through here.


The price used to make this analysis was the one practiced by the Prozis store, without resorting to promotions or discounts, and of course it can change at any time.

The price used was as follows.

120 capsules - € 17.99 (€ 0.60 / serving)

When using the code GVIRTUAL at checkout you still get 10% discount under this price.

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