What are the best back exercises?

Get to know the best back exercises

If you are dissatisfied with the results of your back training, it may be a good idea to review the exercises you are doing.

If you just entered the gym, and you still don't know what you're doing, getting started with the right exercises is a good starting point.

We chose four exercises with free weight, and two exercises with machines (for fans).

In all of them you have an animated image to see how to perform the exercise, so it is normal for the page to take a little longer to load.


True, the old rises are here, and for good reason.

Lifts are an excellent exercise for working the back, and should be included in all back training.

If you still can't do a lot, you can ask someone for help to give you a little foot support.

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If you already do it easily, try to put on weight in this exercise (there are specific belts for this) or do the movement more slowly.

You can also switch the handle, placing your hands closer or further apart.

Dead weight

This exercise done correctly every week will transform not only your back, but your entire physique.

It is one of the best and most complete movements you can do inside a gym, and it is an exercise that will allow you to use considerable loads.

Be careful with the shape to avoid injury and the dead weight will give you excellent results.

Rowing with bar

The barbell stroke is another top exercise to include in a back training plan.

Although less significantly than dead weight, this is an exercise where you will also "carry".

Pay attention to the placement of the coast and do not do acrobatic movements to get more repetitions, concentrate on performing the exercise.

Dumbbell paddle

Very similar to the barbell stroke, the dumbbell stroke is another excellent movement for working the back.

Do it with a barbell, do a dumbbell, or alternate weekly, but include one of these two to achieve the best results in your back training.

Pulldown and Seated Row

Finally, for fans of the machines, here are two exercises done on the machine that also bring good results.

The first is the so-called Pulldown, or also known as the dorsal pull.

It is one of the most popular machines, so you can easily find it in any gym.

The seated stroke, or also known as the train, although less than exercises such as dead weight or barbell stroke, can easily be successfully fitted into a good back training program.

This exercise with a short grip is a good way to end a back workout.


If you didn't know what to include in your back training, you now have six excellent exercises to do.

Attention, although there are six exercises, you do not need (nor should you) do them all at once.

He gives preference to exercises with free weight and not to machines, and puts the most demanding exercises at the beginning of the training, such as dead weight or paddling.

It goes without saying that without a good diet, these exercises are of no use to you.

Did you add any exercise to this list? Leave your opinion in the comments!

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