The basics for losing belly

It would be great to start the article with a magic formula to lose belly, however, it would also be a lie, since it is impossible to lose localized fat.

When you lose fat, you lose fat in a whole.

Your body doesn't obey your mental orders to lose fat specifically in your belly.

You also don't understand the 500 daily sit-ups as an order to do so.

If you want to lose your belly, you're going to have to lose fat, not just in the belly, but on your whole body.

You will lose fat in your legs, arms, chest and also belly, never in one isolated area, no more creams and techniques you use.

Therefore, given that there is no localized fat loss, what is the best method to achieve the 6-pack?

Power supply

The best method goes through a weight loss diet.

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You're going to have to eat less (or better).

The most important variable for losing fat is diet.

Yes, feeding is more important than exercises specific to the abdominal area.

Much more important.

It's no use in the world's best sit-up workout if they're covered in fat.

Therefore, the first area to fine-tune is the feed.

Structure a hypocaloric food plan and follow it.

See our article what to eat to lose fat.


Second, practice.

The ideal will be a complete bodybuilding workout.

Exercises such as squatting or still weight work the abdominal area and improve physical composition in general.

In addition, choose 2-3 exercises specific to the abdominal area.

Cardiovascular training is also important in the mission to lose belly, as it helps IMMENSEly in fat loss.

lose cardio belly


As for supplements, there are several "advised" to lose belly.

If you really want to use one, use a thermogenic, something that provides energy and possibly helps control your appetite.

Leave cla's and L-Carnitine's on the shelf, the benefit, if it exists, is minimal.


In short, the least you'll need to lose your belly is:

Adequate diet, hypocaloric and some cardiovascular and abdominal exercise.

Ideally, you will follow up with a complete bodybuilding training plan for best results.

In the exercise section you will find some examples of abdominal exercises.

Losing a belly isn't exactly a complicated science.

Avoid researching a lot about the subject, especially about supplementation since you will easily be deceived by the marketing of products.

Losing belly boils down to doing a daily low-calorie diet and some exercise consistently, period.

If your goal is simply to lose your belly, it's just about getting the necessary work into practice, not looking for a miracle diet or a magic pill, it doesn't exist.

If you want to learn how to go on your own diet to lose your belly, check out this article.

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