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Pedro Miguel Interview

Interview with the athlete Pedro Miguel.

  • Name: Pedro Miguel
  • Age: 30years
  • Height: 1.70m
  • Weight: 81kg
  • 7th in the National Bodybuilding up to 75kg

How and why did you start training?

My first sporting experience was, as with almost all kids, football, I played in the younger strata but after a certain moment I realized that it was not what I really liked.

I also had a very thin structure and wanted to gain muscle and keep my body worked and it was at that time that I decided to start training, I was 17 years old.

I remember it as if it were today the first time a gym opened, my friend and then also a monitor, Paulo Braz, who accompanied me for several years, advised and taught much of what I know today.

Pedro Miguel

What kind of food do you follow?

I try to eat "clean" all year round, even in off-season, I don't eat sweets or commit too many excesses, but if at any time I feel like something off the diet, I also have no problems since I have a very fast metabolism and I can give me that "luxury".

Already in the preparation or pre-competition phase I make several variations of high hydrate days, low days and zero hydrate days, the rotation of the days and the quantities are being adjusted taking into account the changes in the body and once a week I make a " cheat-meal "if you feel the need.

Diet example

Meal 1:

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  • 200ml clear (7 clear)
  • 1 Whole egg
  • 100g Oats
  • 1 Banana
  • 1 Scoop Whey
  • 1 Multivitamin

Meal 2:

(On the days I wake up later, with meal 1)

  • 300ml of egg whites (9 egg whites)
  • 1 Whole egg
  • 100g Oats

Meal 3:

  • 200g Meat
  • 200g Rice
  • Salad with olive oil
  • 1 Fruit of choice

Meal 4:

  • 200g Meat
  • 200g Rice

Meal 5:

  • 200g Meat
  • 200g Rice

After training

  • 1 Scoop Whey
  • 5g BCAA's
  • 5g Glutamine
  • 40g Quick hydrates

Meal 6:

  • 300g of fish (I alternate between salmon, tuna, hake, sea bass)
  • 200g Rice
  • 100g Vegetables
  • 1 Multivitamin

Meal 7:

  • 1 Scoop Whey
  • 50g Dried fruits


What kind of training do you follow?

I like to train hard and always try to keep the intensity high.

I try not to take more than 1 minute of rest between sets, the movements are controlled with a cadence of 4 seconds on the descent and 2 seconds on the climb, in my view it does not make sense to increase the load too much if we do not fully control the movement.

I do cardio sessions of 30 minutes, 2 to 3 times a week in the off season and increase to 50 minutes every day in the weeks leading up to a competition.

Sometimes I include some variations in training, such as training in super series, giant series, negative series, drop-set in the last series in order to give shocks and different stimulus to the muscle, forcing it to react and preventing it from "adapting".

In the last exercise for each muscle group I do repetitions until exhaustion if I still have the energy to do so, in order to exhaust all glycogen stores.

My training consists of:


  • Inclined Bench Press 4 x 8-10
  • Bench Press 4 x 8-10
  • Bench Press 4 x 8-10
  • Flat Bench with Dumbbells 4 x 8-10
  • Peck Deck or Openings – To Exhaustion
  • Funds – Until exhaustion


  • Curved Row 4 x 12-10
  • Deadweight 4 x 12-10
  • Rowing T 4 x 12-10
  • Rowing with Halter 4 x 12-10
  • Front Handle – Until exhaustion
  • Elevations in Barra – Until exhaustion

Leg – Quadriceps

  • Squat 4 x 20-15
  • 4 x 20-15 press
  • Leg Extension 4 x 20-15
  • Hack 4 x 20-15
  • Leg Extension – Until exhaustion

Leg – Femoral

  • Leg Curl (standing) – 4 x 15-12
  • Dead Weight (legs stretched) – 4 x 15-12
  • Leg Curl 4 x 15-12
  • Sinks 4 x 15-12
  • Leg Curl – To Exhaustion


  • Military Press 4 x 10-8
  • 4 x 10-8 sides
  • High Row 4 x 10-8
  • Flights 4 x 10-8
  • Laterals – Until exhaustion


  • Curl with Bar 4 x 10-8
  • Curl with Dumbbells (seated) 4 x 10-8
  • Curl Scott 4 x 10-8
  • Z Bar Curl – To Exhaustion


  • Forehead Tricep 4 x 8-10
  • French Press 4 x 8-10
  • Handle 4 x 8-10
  • Inverted handle (or rope) – Until exhaustion

Twins (3x / week)

  • Standing twin 4 x 8-5
  • Twin in the Press 4 x 8-5
  • Solear (seated) 4 x 20-30

pedro miguel ginasio

What are the main differences when you want to gain weight and when you want to lose fat?

The differences are mainly in terms of food, with the gradual reduction of carbohydrates and increased protein intake.

I also increase the intensity of the cardio to 50 minutes a day and if necessary I do it twice a day.

I make variations in weight training, training in super series or giant series, 30/40 repetitions and I prefer training with dumbbells instead of using machines.

Where does your motivation come from?

Obviously I have several idols or athletes that I admire like Shawn Ray, Kevin Levrone, Flex Wheeler, Flex Lewis, Kai Greene or Phil Heath, but I think the biggest motivation is to see the result of our effort, the visible changes in our body, overcoming daily, eating when there is no hunger, training when there is no desire, doing one more repetition when you are no longer strong.

Reaching the end and taking the stage with the feeling and full awareness of accomplishment is indescribable regardless of the classification.

I started this year in the competition and it essentially served to test what results or not, gain experience and learn, the objectives are to evolve and grow in sports.

What supplements do you use?


Any tips in particular for those just starting out?

I usually say that bodybuilding is not a sport, it is a way of life, if you want to have a "perfect" body it is not in 3 months that you will achieve it, you need to set long-term goals.

If it were easy, everyone could do it and it just depends on the effort, dedication and discipline of each one in obtaining the results.

Attention to detail because often what makes the difference is a set of small things.

If you have a goal then it is YOU who have to train, you who have to rest and you who have to plan and prepare YOUR meals for the next day. Nobody will do it better than YOU!

I want to say a few words of thanks to my friend Paulo Braz, for opening the gym doors for the first time, and getting started in this sport. To my "brother" and training partner for several years, Rui Pereira, for always being there, for supporting me and motivating me in every training session.

To my friend and trainer Edgar Gomes for all the support, for the advice and for helping me to make this dream come true and to Nuno Baptista, with whom I had the pleasure of doing some photographic works.

Lastly, I want to thank my girlfriend for being a fantastic woman, for always supporting me, for giving me strength and for having patience the size of the world!

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