Sit-ups … Still this summer – Part 2

How to get a sit-up just in time for this summer, second part.

After a first article focused only on food, we will now discuss the rest.

As you may have noticed by the title of the article, the goal here is to lose the maximum fat in time for the summer to be able to show off your abs for the beach.

What does this mean?

It means that if you want quick results, it won't be easy. But it will be worth it.

If you haven't read the first part yet, you can find the article here.

Let's start by talking about cardio training.

  Cardio Workout

We can lose fat without doing cardio is true, however, the purpose of this article is to maximize results in the shortest possible time, that is, summer.

If we want fast fat loss, we will have to include cardio, and not only include it, but also use it at the best possible times to optimize fat burning.

And what are these heights?

Post-training and fasting.

It is important to note that it is low intensity cardio, not HIIT.

Let's start with the post-workout, since fasting cardio is undoubtedly controversial.

When we talk about post-workout we talk about a cardio workout right after a weight training workout.

Cardio after weight training is a great time to optimize fat burning, because your body will be more likely to use fat as an energy source, since glycogen stores will be low.

It starts for 10-15 minutes in the post-workout and increases to a maximum of 25-30 minutes in a final stage.

As for fasting cardio, it is a controversial thing, but it is widely advocated by fitness and bodybuilding athletes because … it works.

Again, it is important to note that it is low intensity exercise and not crazy sprints.

The low-speed exercise bike is a great example, or even riding at a steady pace.

After a period of 6-8 hours of fasting, your body will be in a perfect state for using fats in low intensity activities, insulin levels are low which will help lipolysis, fat burning.

However, fasting cardio is not for everyone and it is a measure that you should only use in more advanced stages and assuming you have no health problems.

As with post-workout cardio, 15-20 minutes at an early stage and do not exceed 30 minutes at all times while maintaining a low intensity.

Cardio should be done on average 5 times a week.

On non-training days and if you prefer not to use the fasting method, do it at the time that is most practical for you but increase both duration and intensity.

summer sit-ups


If you do not attend a gym, bet on this training.

4 times a week, neither more nor less.

It will be an ABAB workout, preferably: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

In training A you will train the upper area / trunk, in training B you will train the lower area / legs.

It is a simple but effective split, the training should be short but intense and you should focus on training mainly the large muscle groups (legs, back, chest) as these are the ones that will have the greatest hormonal and muscular impact.

The goal will above all be to maintain your muscle mass.

Avoid going to failure.

Choose 2/3 isolated abdominal exercises and place them at the end of the workout.

Take a look at this sit-up article.

summer training


Supplements are not necessary, however, if you want to buy something, here are some suggestions.

Caffeine or thermogenic

You will have days when the energy will be low and this type of supplements will help to maintain a good level of intensity in training.

The thermogenic should contain something to give you energy.

It also helps in controlling appetite.

Whey Protein

A quality, fast and practical source of protein.


Hypocaloric diets easily become deficient in certain vitamins and minerals, a multivitamin can help you in this regard.

Final notes

Get some sun.

A dark body always shows a lower percentage of fat and the muscular features will be more noticeable, therefore, nothing like a beautiful bronze!

Water, green tea, black tea or coffee.

When hunger strikes, these will be your greatest allies in order of preference!

Any questions or opinions use the comments area below!

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