zmaWhat is ZMA?

O ZMA é uma combinação dos minerais zinc and magnesium with vitamin B6.

It is used to increase the hormone testosterone and to promote better quality sleep.

What does ZMA do?

To understand what this supplement does, we will individually analyze each of its components.

Zinc is the “ingredient” with the greatest impact on the main objective of this supplement, the increase in testosterone.

It is effective in increasing testosterone levels in people with deficient levels of this mineral although it is not as effective in those who have normal levels of this mineral.

Zinc levels drop significantly with exercise and above all with sweat, and it is possible that deficiencies of this mineral occur mainly in the summer in the event of a poor diet.

In addition to the hormonal role, zinc is essential for maintaining a healthy immune system and has an antioxidant role, reducing free radicals.

A sua deficiencia está associada a hipogonadismo (Diminuição da produção de testosterona), letargia (Falta de energy) and skin problems.

Magnesium is the other mineral present in this form and is the second most common mineral in the human body.

Helps regulate muscle contractions and improves sleep quality.

Its deficiency is associated with increased blood pressure and muscle cramps.

As for vitamin B6, it participates in the synthesis of the main neurotransmitters, helping to recover the CNS (central nervous system) from intense training.

How to take the ZMA?

ZMA should be taken before bed, preferably on an empty stomach. It is important not to take with any source of calcium as it reduces the effectiveness of ZMA.

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