training plan for initiate

Hypertrophy training plan for initiate

This is a workout done four times a week, in the ABCD format, where each muscle group is directly trained once a week.

It is aimed at people with little training experience who have recently joined the gym.

It uses a significant variety of exercises, with a greater focus on compounds, but also with some auxiliary and more specific exercises.

The main objective is above all to master the technique of the main exercises, and then move on to a more advanced training, in an effective way.

In addition to mastering the technique of the most important exercises, which will be very useful for you to evolve in the long term, you will also gain muscle mass.

Follow this workout with a good diet, and the increase in muscle mass will be significant.

Click on the name of the exercises to access the respective image of each.

chest and triceps

Bench Press3 Series10 repetitions
Incline Bench Press3 Series10 repetitions
Openings2 Series10 repetitions
Bench Press Short Handle3 Series10 repetitions
Funds2 Seriesuntil failure


Squat3 Series10 repetitions
Press3 Series10 repetitions
Leg Extension2 Series10 repetitions
Leg Curl 2 Series10 repetitions


Shoulder Press3 Series10 repetitions
Arnold3 Series10 repetitions
Sides2 Series10 repetitions
High Row2 Series10 repetitions

back and biceps

Elevations3 Seriesto failure
Dead weight3 Series10 repetitions
Paddle T2 Series10 repetitions
seated row2 Series10 repetitions
Curl Bicep Bar3 Series10 repetitions
Concentrated Bicep2 Series10 repetitions


Before each workout you should do ten minutes of cardio of your choice to warm up, and some joint movements focused on the muscles working in that workout.

You should also actively warm up the muscles you are going to work on in that workout, with one or two sets where you use half the weight.

You shouldn't do the training all in a row, that is, you should have rest days.


Training on Monday and Tuesday with rest on Wednesday, followed by training on Thursday and another on Friday with the weekend in recovery.

choose two to three abdominal exercises and do it at the end of training, twice a week.

Includes three series of hyperextensions at the end of two workouts of your choice.

Finally, this is just a generic workout, and one that can easily be adapted if you know what you're doing.

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