Whey Protein

What is whey protein?

Whey protein refers to whey protein and is the protein supplement most used by those who practice gym.

The protein whey it is a source of protein with a high biological value and usually a high amount of protein.

There are several types of whey protein, the concentrated and the isolated are the most used.

A whey concentrada é mais barata em relação a isolated whey, no entanto, a whey isolada tem uma maior concentração de proteína e uma menor quantidade de hidratos de carbono e fats.
Concentrated whey usually brings about 80% of protein and the isolated whey is around 90%.

Whey protein is usually used after training.
It is also an excellent way to add protein to any meal and thus increase the protein content of the diet.

Examples of whey proteins:

Principais resultados esperados da whey:

  • Better recovery

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