O que é um multivitaminico?

Os suplementos multivitaminicos são combinações de vitaminas e minerais reunidas em forma de suplemento, normalmente 1 ou 2 comprimidos.

Servem para atingir os valores diários de vitaminas e minerais numa dieta.

As fórmulas diferem de marca para marca.

Devem ser tomados em refeições que contenham fat já que as vitaminas liposoluveis contidas nesta fórmulas precisam de uma fonte de gordura para serem correctamente absorvidas.

Examples of multivitamins:

Main results expected from multivitamins:

Os benefícios dos multivitaminicos dependem normalmente de possíveis deficiências, numa dieta que já preencha todos os requisitos de vitaminas e minerais, os benefícios serão mínimos.

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  1. em relacao ao alpha men, quantos comprimidos devo tomar? visto que comecei actividade em ginasio a quase dois meses…

  2. Good afternoon, what is your opinion regarding Biotech USA's One-a-day? Comparing, for example, the Alpha-Men or the Opti-men, the latter being very expensive compared to the others.
    And by the way, this would also be a suggestion for you to make. A top of the best multivitamins or reviews to majors.
    Continuation of an excellent work, this page is top! Compliments.

    1. Reviews and a multivitamin top is a really interesting topic, and one that will be covered on the page, but probably not soon.

      It's a more complex topic than it looks, and it would/will take some time :)

      Among these three products, unless you have a very intense lifestyle, you are probably well served with One-A-Day.

      The Opti-Men doesn't justify the price, and it's even quite similar to the One-A-Day.

      Alpha Men can be considered slightly superior for sportsmen, but it is also more expensive.

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