The 3 best exercises for women

What areas do women focus on most when it comes to training?

Legs and glutes.

Based on that, here are the three best exercises you can do in the gym to achieve your goals.

These are demanding exercises, the next day you will probably feel uncomfortable muscle pain if you don't usually do them.

Now, if you really want to develop your legs and glutes, include these exercises in your training plan.


The squat is mandatory, the squat is exercise number one.

It's an exercise that will work your legs, glutes and even your abs.

Ideally, you should work with (good) weight to get the most benefit from this exercise.

dead weight stiff

There are several variations of the dead weight exercise, however, the stiff version, that is, with the legs semi-stretched, brings incredible results in terms of the lower limbs, much more than the classic version.

It can be done either with a barbell or with dumbbells, see below several effective variations of this exercise.


Finally, this famous exercise, lunges, could not be missed.

It is also a very complete exercise that will work both legs, buttocks and abdominal area.

The most common version is done with dumbbells, however it can also be done with a barbell.

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