viktor simkin training plan

Viktor Simkin, the training plan

Get to know Viktor Simkin's training plan

Viktor Simkin is a young Russian athlete who competes in the Classic Bodybuilding category. It measures 1.75m and in the competition phase it weighs around 78kg.

His training plan is (very) demanding, with bodybuilding workouts five days a week, sometimes doing two workouts on the same day on a Sunday, which results in six weight training sessions a week.

With regard to sets and repetitions, bet on three to four sets per exercise and eight to ten reps per set.

On the two days he doesn't train weight, he doesn't rest, and bets on 20 minutes of training HIIT as a cardio method.

At the end of the article, you still have the five favorite supplements for this athlete.

If you don't know any exercise, just click on its name to see an example of it.

Training plan

Monday - Cardio

Tuesday - Back

viktor simkin training plan

Wednesday - Chest

Thursday - Quadriceps

Friday - Cardio

viktor simkin training plan

Saturday - Arms

Sunday - Hamstrings and twins (Morning)

Sunday - Trapezes and Shoulders (Afternoon / Night)

simkin workout


This athlete's five favorite supplements are as follows.

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  • Information taken from the athlete's official website and Facebook.

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