Top foods to lose fat

A list of great foods to include in your fat loss diet.

After the list of foods to gain muscle mass, criamos também uma lista de alimentos que deves incluir na tua dieta para perder fat.

Quality proteins, low-calorie foods, excellent choices to help you lose excess fat and keep your muscle mass.

List of foods

Chicken breast

Per 100g

Calories 110

Fat 1g

Hydrates 0g

Protein 23g

A steak usually weighs between 125 to 180g

fat loss foods

Turkey breast

Per 100g

Calories 111

Fat 1g

Hydrates 0g

Protein 24g

A steak usually weighs between 125 to 180g

Tuna fish

Per 100g

Calories 116

Fat 1g

Hydrates 0g

Protein 26g

A can of tuna has an average of 80g per can

 foods to lose fat tuna and broccoli


Per 100g

Calories 34

Fat 0g

Hydrates 7g

Protein 3g

Sweet potato

Per 100g

Calories 86

Fat 0g

Hydrates 20g

2g protein

 slimming foods


Per 100g

Calories 18

Fat 0g

Hydrates 4g

Protein 1g



0 Calories

lose fat food


0 Calories

(No sugar)

Water and coffee are excellent allies for controlling hunger.

If you need a few more aids to control your appetite, see this article.

This list is just a list of some quality foods to include in your diet, there are many more.

No food will make you lose fat, but choosing the right foods to include in your diet will definitely help you achieve your weight loss goal.

The values shown are only estimates, consult the label for more exact values.

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