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The exercises that can not be missing in your gym training

There are better jobs, there are worse jobs, better cars and worse cars, supplements too.

Of course, the exercises you can do in the gym are no exception, and some are more effective than others.

Which ones are they?

Organized by muscle, you'll discover the best exercise for each of them.

They are not easy, but you will find that the effort will be worth it.

These are the exercises that must not be missing in your gym workout.

Chest? Bench press or dumbbell press.

Predictable, isn't it?

In chest training, if you lost a bet, and now you can only do one exercise for this muscle, you don't have much to think about.

Do you prefer dumbbells or barbells?

The best exercise to work the chest is the bench press, either with a barbell or a dumbbell.

The movement is the same, only the material changes.

Not only is it the best move for the chest, it's also quite versatile, and you can adapt it according to any possible weaknesses you might have.

Upper chest area undeveloped?

Raise the bench a little, and do this movement in an inclined way, that is, incline bench press.

Is your lower chest falling back?

Bet on the bench press.

If you want to see how the barbell bench press is done, click on here, with dumbbells on here.

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best exercises

Legs? Squat.

One more muscle, one more predictable exercise.

Unless you've never been to a gym, you've certainly heard about the wonders of squats for developing your lower body.

From the glutes, to the calves, passing through the quadriceps and femoris.

This is simply the best exercise you can do to work your lower limbs, and have excellent results.

There are also several variations of this movement, which will allow you to pay more attention to specific areas that you want to develop.

From variations in the positioning of the feet, to the front squat, which gives greater emphasis to the work of the quadriceps.

It is undoubtedly an extremely complete exercise, but also a difficult one.

If you don't have a lot of experience in this movement, or have never done it, ask someone with knowledge to accompany you, and help you achieve a good form of execution.

Otherwise, not only will you not get the best results, you risk injury.

If you want to see how this exercise is done, click on here.

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squat one of the best leg exercises

Back? Dead weight and barbell rowing.

Ok, this is not just one move, it's two.


The best exercise between the two is undoubtedly dead weight.

Extremely complete, and effective, but also exhausting.

We thought it was important to put an alternative to the main one here, because depending on the training you use, you may need it.

In full body workouts for example, combining dead weight with squats is not always a good idea.

Not only is the impact on the lower back very strong, the physical and mental strain is enormous, and if not well planned, it can be harmful.

The barbell row, in terms of back training, does not lose much to deadweight, and brings excellent results as well.

This is one of those cases where the best depends a lot on the situation.

Deadweight also has a lot of variations, and can be used to work the legs very effectively, for example, with the Romanian deadweight.

If you want to see how deadweight is done, click on here, for the barbell row, on here.

For more effective exercises to work your back, see This article.

dead weight one of the best back exercises

Shoulders? Press with barbell or dumbbell.

For a complete physique, and that V-shape so desired by those who walk in the gym, a well-shaped shoulders are essential.

The best exercise for working the shoulders is the barbell or dumbbell press.

It can also be done standing or sitting.

Whether it's a barbell or dumbbell, standing or sitting, they're all effective ways to work your shoulders.

Choose your favorite shape, and apply.

There are exercises that focus more on a particular area of the shoulders, but none are as effective at developing them fully as this movement.

If you opt for the standing form, don't forget to pay careful attention to your posture, and ideally you should have someone with you to make sure you're doing it correctly.

If you want to see how the shoulder press is done click on here.

athlete doing the barbell shoulder press

Triceps? Bench press with narrow handle.

The bench press appears again, and this time, it is to work part of the arms.

The best exercise to work your triceps is the narrow grip bench press.

In the normal bench press, you place your hands significantly apart, this way the work of the triceps decreases, and that of the chest increases.

However, if you place your hands close together, using a narrow grip, your triceps take over most of the work.

It's an extremely effective exercise for working this part of the arm, and in most gyms, it doesn't get the attention it should.

If you haven't used it yet, get ready for impressive results. And muscle pain too.

If you want to see how the narrow grip bench press is done, click on here.

For more effective exercises to work your triceps, see This article.

bench press exercise close grip for tricep

Biceps? Curl with barbell or dumbbell.

Biceps are small muscles, but they get a lot of attention.

If your goal is to enlarge your arms, it is essential to develop not only your biceps, but also your triceps, as these are the ones that give the most volume to the arm.

That said, to work your biceps, use the famous Curl.

Either with a barbell or with dumbbells, both are effective in developing this area of the body.

There are also many variations, from different types of bar, different types of handles, standing or sitting.

Choose variations that allow you to lift more weight, and avoid those worthy of gym demonstrations.

It's not because it costs more that it will give you better results.

If you want to see how the bicep curl is done, click on here.

For more effective exercises to work your biceps, see This article.

curl bicep one of the best exercises

Buttocks? Squat!

If a few years ago it was not very common to see women training with weights, nowadays they are more and more.

And thankfully.

The best way to work your glutes is through weight training.

The best exercise for this, as it is for the rest of the lower limbs, is the famous squat.

If you are looking for fitness athletes who have this zone well developed, they will all present you with various exercises to increase this zone. From the most basic to the most exotic.

And there are lots of them.

One thing is right.

None of them are better, or as complete, as the squat, and none of these athletes give up on this move.

For more effective exercises to work the glutes (and beyond), see This article.

gym exercises

Sit-ups? Kitchen.

It's not the answer you wanted to hear, but it's the truth.

The best exercise to get great abs is done in the kitchen, with proper nutrition.

You can have the best abdominal muscles in the world, and spend hours training them, but if they're covered in fat, do not appear.

This is not to say that you don't need, or shouldn't, work your abs directly.

You must.

But you are concerned above all with food and with lowering the percentage of body fat.

If you use exercises like squats and dead weight, they are already recruited very significantly.

Add one or two exercises at the end of the workout, preferably with resistance, and it's a matter of getting rid of the fat until they show up. Greatly.

Don't know what ab exercises to do? see this list.

kitchen abs


Here is a good list of exercises to do in the gym.

Now that you know which ones you can't miss in your gym workout, what are you going to do?

Are you going to put them into practice or not?

It's not enough to know what the best exercises are, you need a workout plan that includes them, in an intelligent way.

And you need to run it consistently, after all, that's the main habit to succeed in the gym.

Although these are the best, it doesn't mean that there aren't others that are also effective, and here is a list that may be useful to you.

Furthermore, do you know how many sets and reps you should do in your training?

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