best supplements to gain muscle mass

The 4 best supplements to gain muscle mass

Four supplements that will help you gain muscle mass

We decided to take the huge variety of supplements available on the market, and choose four that can help you gain muscle mass.

These are products that will help you improve your diet and also improve your performance in the gym.

Above all, they are supplements that will help you have better results.

Here is the list of the four chosen and why.

Protein powder

The most common supplements.

Be whey or Casein, are good choices for adding practical, high quality protein to your diet.

It is not always easy to achieve the daily amounts of protein necessary to gain muscle mass, which is why this type of supplementation can be so useful.

With a simple shake of protein you can in less than a minute ingest about 20 to 30g of high quality protein.

supplements to gain muscle mass protein

Different types of proteins

whey protein

It is one of the milk proteins, and has an excellent amino acid profile.

It is quickly absorbed and therefore very useful after training to help with recovery, or even before training, in case you need a quick protein source to go to training after a short time.

It can be said that at the level of protein supplements, Whey is the most interesting choice.


Casein is the other protein in milk, but unlike Whey, it is slow to absorb.

It is a good choice especially before bed, but it can also be used during the day.

It should not be used before training, as due to its slow digestion it can cause discomfort during training.


Albumin is the protein in eggs, and although it is much less popular than milk protein, it is also of good quality.

It has a very good amino acid profile, and compared to milk proteins, it can be said that it has an average absorption speed.

Great for daytime use.

Other proteins

Although milk proteins and albumin are the most popular supplements, there are still other types.

From soy protein, used mainly by people who do not eat animal protein, to meat protein supplements, the choice is immense.

However, both in terms of quality and price, the Whey protein it is undoubtedly the best choice.

Then there are also products that are a mixture of several proteins, pay attention to the content of this "mixture" since often inferior protein is used to lower the price of the supplement.

An example of this is the WIN Nutrition Hi-Protein.

muscle mass protein


In order to gain muscle mass, you need a good amount of protein daily.

In addition to a good amount of protein, it is important that it is good quality protein, with a good amino acid profile.

When you use a quality protein powder supplement, you get that.

In addition, after training a shake of Whey protein can be very useful to help you recover, and increase muscle mass.

A huge advantage is the ease with which you can add protein to any meal with a simple shake.

You don't really have any great advantage in using a powdered protein supplement, compared to a good steak or fish fillet.

But can you get all the protein you need from these foods only?

Meetings on here analyzes of various protein supplements.


Although gainers have their pros and cons, they are valid supplements for those looking to gain muscle mass.

They are hypercaloric supplements, that is, they are rich in calories.

It always depends on product for product, but the common factor in all of them is the high levels of carbohydrates and calories.

Below is a basic guide to help you choose a good gainer.

How to choose a good gainer?

First you must pay attention to the amount of protein per 100g and not per serving.

For every 100g you should have at least 20g of protein.

Typically, brands highlight the amount of protein in their product per serving.

The problem with this is that each brand defines its dose and it can be 100g, 200g or 300g.

A product with 30g of protein for every 100g is a good gainer.

One with 50g of protein for every 300g is a bad gainer.

Always look at the amount of protein per 100g, not per serving.

Second, you should see what protein sources are used.

A supplement that uses soy as the main protein source will always be inferior to a product that uses milk proteins.

muscle gainers supplements

How to see this?

Look at the label, in the list of ingredients, the ingredients that appear in the first places of the list are those used in greater proportion in the supplement.


Gainer A
Ingredients: Maltodextrin, Soy protein, Wheat protein, Whey protein concentrate

Gainer B
Ingredients: Maltodextrin, Whey protein concentrate, Calcium caseinate

What will probably be the cheapest product? Gainer A.

What will be the BEST product? Gainer B.

In Hypercaloric A, the main source of protein is soy, followed by wheat and finally whey protein, that is, Whey.

In Hypercaloric B, the main protein source is whey protein (Whey), followed by calcium caseinate.

The biological value is how we classify the quality of a protein.

In the case of soybeans and wheat, the biological value is much lower than that of Whey protein, and therefore, they are proteins of inferior quality.

muscle mass supplements


Finally, you should pay attention to the supplement's carbohydrate source.

Oats will always be a better quality carbohydrate source than dextrose or maltodextrin.

The method for discovering this is the same as for protein.

Look at the label, and in order you will find the most used and least used ingredients.


Ingredients: Dextrose, Whey protein, Maltodextrin, Isolated soy protein, Oatmeal

Looking at this label, you would know that in this product the main ingredient would be dextrose, followed by whey protein, maltodextrin and so on.


In order to gain muscle mass, you need to consume more calories than you expend.

A simple way to achieve this is by using this type of supplement.

A gainer is a type of product that has an enormous amount of calories, and this will help you to reach an excess caloric.

Although we are not advocates of the regular use of this type of supplement, it is an acceptable choice to quickly and practically increase the calories in your day to day.

It has no advantage over using good quality food, but if it makes the difference between consuming the necessary calories or not, it's worth it.


Creatine is an excellent supplement for those who practice weight training, especially when the goal is to gain muscle mass.

It is a supplement that will help you gain strength and consequently more muscle mass.

Unlike proteins and gainers, in the field of Creatine there are not many mysteries.

There are several types of Creatines, but the most studied, recommended and safe is Creatine Monohydrate.

Meetings on here analysis of the various Creatine supplements on the market to help you decide which one to choose.

supplements to gain muscle mass


The reason for using a Creatine supplement is simple.

It works.

Creatine is considered the most effective supplement for those looking to gain muscle mass.

While protein supplements, and gainers, help you to supplement your diet, and thus achieve good results, Creatine is different.

Creatine has a very unique effect, which is not possible to reproduce through food.

You will have more energy and more strength, which will lead to superior workouts and with more load and thus, more muscle mass.

It's a somewhat simplistic description of what Creatine can do for you, but if you want to know more, see on here our guide.

Pre workout

Pre-workout supplements, like gainers, generate some discussion regarding their usefulness and benefits.

However, a good pre-workout supplement can provide significant help.

This type of supplement aims to increase the performance of your training, greater concentration, more energy and more strength.

In specific cases they can be really great assets, as for those who train very early for example, and need something to wake them up for training.

If you want to use a pre-workout, choose products that focus more on the energy component and concentration than on supplements that only appeal to a greater ?pump? for example.

The most popular pre-workout to date was the famous Jack3d for the simple reason that it gave incredible energy and an enormous desire to train.

Arginine-based supplements, BCAA's and Glutamine they just won't make a big difference in terms of energy performance and motivation to train.

Opt for supplements that also contain caffeine or another type of ingredient that will encourage you to perform better.

pre workout muscle mass supplements


The great advantage of using this type of supplement is simply getting better training.

If you can get a few more reps, lift some weights, and have extra energy on days when you're more tired, you'll get a simple benefit.

More muscle mass.

Better workouts lead to greater gains in muscle mass.

That is why a pre-workout is a good supplement to use if your goal is to gain muscle mass.

Learn how to create your own pre-workout supplement in this article.

Final notes

Although there are four supplements, it does not mean that you need to take them all.

Also don't forget that there are no mandatory supplements.

Basically, there are only four good suggestions that will help you have better results in the gym.

Did you add any supplements?

Leave your opinion in the comments.

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