sue lasmar training plan

Sue Lasmar, the training plan

Check out Sue Lasmar's training plan

Sue Lasmar's training plan is done every day, with only one of the days not including weight training.

Varies between 3 to 4 sets per exercise and usually does between 12 to 15 repetitions in each series.

In addition, it trains legs and sit-ups twice a week.

Your Sunday training consists only of exercise cardio for 45 minutes.

Sue Lasmar measures 1.73m and weighs 67kg.

Get to know Sue Lasmar's training plan below.

Monday - Shoulders and Sit-Ups

sue lasmar training plan

Tuesday - Biceps and triceps

Wednesday - Legs and Twins

sumar lasmar before and after

Thursday - Back

training sue lasmar

Friday - Chest and sit-ups

athlete sue lasmar's training plan

Saturday - Hamstrings and glutes

complete women's training plan

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