split workout plan

Split Training Plan

Split training plan executed four times a week.

Looking for a workout to win muscle mass?

This is a split workout, that is, it trains the muscle groups separately.

It's a simple workout but it will give you good results.

It is based on compound exercises and is aimed at those who want to gain muscle mass.

It is not recommended for initiates.


Workout A - Chest and Triceps

Training B - Legs


Workout C – Back and Biceps

Workout D – Shoulders and Abdominals



They are not mandatory, but if you are interested in using them, here are some suggestions to optimize your results.


Creatine will help you gain strength and muscle mass, 5 grams a day.


Caffeine before training is a good help to ensure energy in training, you can use coffee.

Whey Protein

Use after training or when you are unable to get protein in a meal, it will help you achieve the required amount of daily protein with quality.

Virtual Gym Shake

It’s not that it’s really a supplement, but add one of these daily to your diet and you’ll have plenty calories of excellent quality to help you build muscle mass.

It also adds the essential foods to gain muscle mass, you can find some of the most important in this article.


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