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Prozis Real Whey Isolate, the analysis

Prozis Sport Real Whey Isolate supplement review

After we published the analysis of the new Real Whey in September, there were many requests for an evaluation of this version as well.

As the name implies, it is a Whey protein, but unlike the original Real Whey, this version is composed only of Isolated Whey.

In other words, a better variant, and also with a higher cost, of whey protein.

If you want to know more about Whey protein and its different types, take a look at our comprehensive guide this page.

The review of Prozis Real Whey was very positive as you can see on here. Does the Isolated version follow the same path or does it just use the same name?

We can start by saying that yes, Real Whey Isolate is also a protein of excellent quality as you will be able to confirm in this analysis.


We have a partnership with the Prozis brand.

That said, this partnership does not influence the analyzes made on the website, since we limit ourselves to assess the facts contained in the nutritional table, aminogram and ingredients of each product.

That is, if the product is bad, it is bad. But if it is good, as is the case, then it will be classified as such. Impartiality is the priority in all analyzes.

A good example of this is the Whey Prime.

This partnership allows us to have some benefits not only for us but also for those who visit the site.

Until the 13th of this month, when you use the GVIRTUAL code at checkout, you will receive 10% of direct discount on your order here, and you will also receive a free shaker and 3 Zero Snack protein bars on orders over 25 €.

This partnership no longer exists, this information is only for reference, and the analysis, obviously, remains the same.


In the analysis of concentrated Real Whey we put the data for the flavored and unflavored version.

This is because there was a difference, which, although not very significant, was there. Both at the nutritional level and at the price level.

We are not going to do it with Real Whey Isolate.

This is because it is not worth it. The differences do not justify it, as they are incredibly close, and so we are going to take a different approach.

We will make small references when necessary, but also small comparisons with the concentrated version to find out the differences between them.

That said, we chose to analyze the purest version, that is, without flavor or also known as natural.

The ingredients are simple.

Isolated Whey and an emulsifier. Only.

In the flavored versions you will find a few more, but few more.

In the case of strawberry flavor, this supplement consists of 98% of Isolated Whey, with the remaining 2% being a combination of flavorings, dyes, etc. The usual ingredients used in this type of products to give the desired flavor to the shake.

That is, no tricks or spells. Just the essentials.

real whey isolate analysis

Nutritional value

Now that you know the ingredients used, the nutritional values for the tasteless version are below.

Dose / 25g












Looking at the table, what stands out is the protein content of this supplement.

Real Whey Isolate is made up of 94% of pure protein, an amazing value.

As if that were not enough, it is free of fats and the carbohydrate levels are at 2.5%.

As you know, these numbers refer to the natural / unflavored variant, but if you choose the strawberry flavor the differences are minimal.

In the case of protein, the value drops to 93%, while carbohydrates rises to 3.5%.

Yes, in both cases the difference is 1%. Only 1%.

How does it compare to the concentrated version?

  • Protein. It has an additional 10.6% compared to the flavorless version of concentrated Real Whey.
  • Carbohydrates. Here the difference is minimal, with the concentrated version presenting an additional 1.5%.
  • Fats. Concentrated Real Whey has 7.5% of fats. Isolate as you saw has no fats.

Therefore, the ingredients are approved and the nutritional value is excellent. But we still have a few things left.


The aminogram is where protein supplements that look promising often turn out to be a disappointment.

It's not the case.

You can consult the complete aminogram of Real Whey Isolate on here.

How do you know the value of BCAA's is an excellent way to assess the quality of a Whey protein supplement.

This supplement for every 100g in the flavorless version has a concentration of 21.9% of BCAA's.

Each shake has 5.47g of this combination of essential amino acids.

What does this mean? Is it good or is it bad?

It is very good, and nothing like a comparison with other proteins to confirm it.


Real Whey Isolate

Real Whey

ISO 100 Dymatize


Scitec Isogreat

ON Gold Standard

BCAA's / %








So far we have not yet evaluated many protein supplements that are exclusively isolated.

But we have already evaluated some.

As you can see in the table, only the ISO: PRO 97 from Myprotein achieves an equivalent value.

We also included Real Whey in the concentrated version to see the difference between them.

In addition, the ISO 100 Dymatize and Isogreat from Scitec Nutrition are two examples of isolated proteins. Isogreat is still approaching, but the Dymatize supplement has significantly lower values.

Finally, the Gold Standard from Optimum Nutrition, despite not being an exclusively isolated protein, it is considered by many to be one of the best proteins on the market. It is significantly behind Real Whey Isolate.

So, at the nutritional level, we are dealing with a top protein. There is only one evaluation to find out what level you are in in general.

real whey isolate ginasiovirtual


Real Whey Isolate is only available in two sizes. 1kg and 2kg.

These are the current values, which are always subject to change, for the unflavored version of this supplement on the Prozis website.

1 kg

2 kg




Cost Per Serving

€ 0.60

€ 0.48

Cost per 100g protein

€ 2.55

€ 2.04

Total cost

€ 23.99

€ 38.38


We started by saying that the price difference between the flavorless and flavored version is really low.

We are talking about a difference of 1 € in the case of the 1kg size and 1.6 € in the 2kg format.

That said, the price is really good for a Whey Isolate supplement. Especially when this Whey Isolate has this quality.

Each shake will cost 0.60 € if you choose the size of 1kg or 0.48 € in the 2kg variant.

Let's again put the numbers into perspective with other supplements.


Real Whey Isolate

Real Whey

ISO 100 Dymatize


Scitec Isogreat

ON Gold Standard

Cost per 100g protein

€ 2.04

€ 1.56

€ 3.32

€ 2.91

€ 3.34

€ 3.12


The supplements chosen for the price comparison were the same ones used for the quality assessment.

As you saw above, only one supplement (ISO: PRO 97) faced Real Whey Isolate in terms of quality, and only another approached (Scitec Isogreat).

When it comes to price, Prozis Sport managed to place an extremely attractive value considering that we are talking about an exclusively isolated protein, and leaving these two supplements (a lot) behind.

In addition, it is interesting to look and see that although Real Whey Isolate is far superior to Gold Standard from Optimum Nutrition, it costs much more, despite offering much less.

Compared to the concentrated version the difference is € 0.48. An obviously significant, but expected difference.

For an exclusively isolated whey protein supplement, this is a very good price.

What is the cost per 100g of protein?

The cost per 100g of protein is the calculation that tells you how much you will pay for 100g of pure protein, not per 100g of supplement.

Example. The Real Whey Isolate without flavor for every 100g has 94g of protein, that is, you need 106.38g of Real Whey Isolate to get 100g of real protein.

This is usually the most accurate and reliable method for calculating the cost of a protein, except in cases of aminospiking.

real whey isolate prozis


Is Real Whey Isolate the best choice in terms of quality / price in Whey protein supplements?

Do not.

This title belongs to Real Whey Concentrate and the Impact Whey.

But if what you are looking for is an Isolated Whey then you will hardly find a superior option.

You have an excellent bet here that does not sacrifice quality to get a good price. In fact, it combines both in an exemplary way.


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19 thoughts on “Prozis Real Whey Isolate, a análise”

  1. This type of analysis without an independent laboratory analysis is of no use, as it can have 10g protein inside it, just like with Spanish brands, there is no control over it and to know what to buy, just sending the product to laboratory analysis, because the manufacturer can even put 99g protein on the label that there is no entity that will control this.


      Rui, it is very clear at the beginning of the analysis that what we do with all products is to assess the facts provided at public and official levels by the brands.

      1. My Protein, in this matter, offers more guarantees about its quality, as it is strongly analyzed by LabDoor.
        Virtual Gym: by the way, what do you think of this laboratory?

      2. Here the question is that a brand like ON is sure that what is put on the label is what the product contains. I don't know about other brands. For example. it has already been said that brands like Scitec are quite doubtful.


          Why is ON a certainty and the others not?

          In fact, if you check the website of the previous comment (Labdoor) you will see that this is not what happens.

        2. When it comes to protein, there are many other trusted brands besides ON, I talked about ON as I could have talked about any other brand. I prefer to buy an ON, Reflex, MyProtein, etc. protein than to buy other brands in which the quality control is not the same at the outset. For example, it is said that brands that use a “famous” production center in Hungary do not give the same guarantees with regard to protein quality and their aminograms.

          Regarding Labdoor, I believe it is an exempt site, but there are certain criteria that I don't understand and for me what Labdoor says is not an absolute truth. For now, they have a special focus on exclusively American brands. High quality brands like Reflex are literally overlooked. Then there are at least dubious criteria. For example in the Pre-Workouts category, I don't understand how the PreSeries Bulk from Transparent Labs or the Muscle Bomb from Reflex are not even on the list, when they are on par with the Legion Pulse of the best pre-workouts available, with clinically tested doses. Then we see others in the top 10 who have less than half their doses in key ingredients (Beta-Alanine, Citrulline, etc.)


          It was just to avoid feeding the myth that ON protein is reliable and the others are not.

          Certainly there are brands that “get it wrong” on the label, but without an independent and rigorous laboratory analysis it is difficult to know that.

          Hence we make it explicit that we evaluate what the brand (all of them) declares, since it is impossible for us to carry out the type of analysis necessary to get to know if this information is correct.

          As for Labdoor, not knowing in detail, it is normal for them to focus on American brands since it is their main market.

          But regardless, any type of website that evaluates a product must be viewed critically and not as an absolute truth as you said (yes, we included! :)).

        4. To do this, just send the products for laboratory analysis and ask for the % Protein present and check the ingredients if they contain aminospiking and remove those amino acids from the % Proteina. For example I already sent for analysis Spanish protein that marked on the label 92g protein and 2g hydrates and the reality was 56g protein and 40 hydrates ???????????? But as the Portuguese people only want low prices, they don't mind buying gainers with protein labels ????????????, the important thing is to be cheap.

        5. Simão, I am based on several factors, but as I said above, this should initially be valid both for ON and for other so-called trusted brands.

          The first factor is that this protein has always been at the top for more than a decade.

          Being at the top gives a great visibility and I don't believe that a brand like ON in which its best known and best-selling product is the Whey Gold Standard protein, "burns out" selling "cat in a poke".

          I am also based on a laboratory test sent by a friend of mine 2 years ago and in which more “paint less paint” what was on the label was what the test indicated.

          Please note that I am not a fan of ON, if you want to know the protein is the only supplement I regularly consume from ON (I alternate with MyProtein and Reflex). For example, I don't like any pre-workout supplements from ON and even in the other segments I recognize the quality but I don't buy for example. multivitamin from ON, I think there are much better options.

        6. Vasco, if you really have that laboratory analysis, yes, it is a great quality factor. On the contrary, the fact that it has been the best seller for a good 10 years - without exaggeration - may not mean that much ... I imagine that Prozis will take over the Portuguese and European markets soon and, I don't know why, Prozis whey does not inspire great confidence.

        7. Simão, as long as the UK does not leave the EU, I think it is unlikely that Myprotein will lose the primacy to any other brand, as it already has a large installed base of customers, has a lot of quality in its products and very aggressive prices.

          If you want me to tell you, I don't know the particular case of Prozis, but I know that there are brands that the product turns out to be “equal” just by varying the label. To launch a brand of protein or supplement, put the product to be made in a of those factories that exist in Hungary or the Czech Republic where labor is cheaper and there is no great quality control. You go to a shopping center and SupplementsStore has a brand like that, you have the example of Zumub (ex. Zumbu and ex. Supplements Online) which also has your brand. They have cheap products but as for me I don't trust those products. As far as I heard Scitec and Biotech use the same places at European level.

          ON uses European facilities in Ireland at the European level. In Europe there is no place where there is more quality control than in the UK. That's why I like English brands like Reflex.

          In the USA you have a lot of “crap”, but you also have very good and reliable brands. It is a huge market.

  2. Well, My Protein really seems to use good quality standards and, there it is, it is generally very well rated in the LabDoor rankings.

    But we all know what this fitness world is like: everyone is there to get rich ... whatever the cost.

    The North American market has everything from biological whey and all green cows to the largest sludge.

  3. Good people, excellent article as always, in the middle of these comments I had two doubts that I don't know if anyone can clarify… even so here it goes:
    1st How much does a product analysis cost?
    2nd Where can we request such analyzes?


  4. Having a high price does not guarantee quality. Yes, the cheaper ones may have less quality, but the raw material of Whey protein is the same for all brands, you can buy a 20kg bag of glanbia, or something like that, it is the same that ON uses, but only because it is ON you pay a little more. The ideal is to do the test in all, price does not say anything, because the raw material of whey is not expensive.


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