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Prozis Real Whey (2017), the analysis

Prozis Sport Real Whey supplement review

In November 2015 we published an analysis of a protein supplement from Prozis Sport that caught our attention.

The conclusion was that it was a good supplement of Concentrated Whey at an excellent price.

His name was Real Whey and the responsible brand was, as you may have already noticed, Prozis Sport.

However, Real Whey has changed. For the best. So, we decided to do a new analysis.

The nutritional value has changed slightly, the variety of flavors has increased significantly and the price remains ... excellent.

So let's get started.


Ingredients and nutritional value

The formula has not changed, it is the same and thankfully.

It continues a simple concentrated protein supplement, in which the ingredients used are Whey Concentrate and little else.

That is, no unnecessary amino acids added.

Below are the tables for the unflavored version (natural) and flavored, in this case, strawberry.

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Tasteless version

Dose / 25g %
Proteins 20.60g 82.4%
Carbohydrates 1g 4%
Fats 1.88g 7.5%


Flavored version

Dose / 25g %
Proteins 19.75g 79%
Carbohydrates 1.68g 6.7%
Fats 1.53g 6.1%


Compared to the old version so far, there are no major differences.

There are 20.6g of protein for each flavorless shake and 19.75g in case you prefer the strawberry flavor. This corresponds to a total of 82.4% and 79% of total protein respectively.

The values of carbohydrates and fats are low and there is not much to talk about them.

If we look only at the nutritional table, and the ingredients, the changes are minimal.

That is, in addition to the packaging, where are the differences then?

real whey prozis
The new packaging from Real Whey.



Where Real Whey was slightly behind the competition was in the aminogram. The difference was in the amount of BCAA's total, and although it was something small, it existed.

However, that has changed.

This one is the official aminogram of the product you currently find on sale.

The values shown are for 100g of pure protein, not for 100g of Real Whey, but as usual, we took the calculator and made some calculations.

BCAA's Tasteless Strawberry
25g / serving 4.79g 4.6g
Total 19,19% 18.4%


The original Real Whey in the tasteless version had a total of 17.4% of BCAA's in total.

The current version increased that number to 19,19%.

In the flavored version it had 16.8% of BCAA's, but in the new version the value is 18.4%.

These are significant improvements, but nothing like putting these values next to some proteins already analyzed here on the website.


Real Whey without flavor Impact Whey without flavor ON Gold Standard Real Whey with flavor Impact Whey with flavor Gold Nutrition Total Whey
BCAA's / % 19,19% 18,77% 18,70% 18.4% 18,32% 17.7%


In the tasteless version it is (much) slightly higher than BCAA's level to the famous Impact Whey, and even Gold Standard from Optimum Nutrition (with flavor).

In the flavored format, it continues to present excellent values, being surpassed only (very) slightly by the Optimum Nutrition supplement, which uses not only Concentrated Whey, but also the Isolated version.

In short, the aminogram of the new Real Whey is very good.

prozis sport real whey



The values presented here are those available on the date of the analysis, and therefore, are always subject to change.

That said, here are the values for this supplement in the Prozis store, using the original price, without promotions.

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Tasteless version

400g 1000g 2000g 5000g
Doses 16 40 80 200
Cost Per Serving € 0.50 € 0.37 € 0.32 € 0.30
Cost per 100g protein € 2.42 € 1.82 € 1.56 € 1.46
Total cost € 7.99 € 14.99 € 25.64 € 59.95


Flavored version

400g 1000g 2000g 5000g
Doses 16 40 80 200
Cost Per Serving € 0.62 € 0.42 € 0.36 € 0.34
Cost per 100g protein € 3.16 € 2.15 € 1.84 € 1.72
Total cost € 9.99 € 16.99 € 29.06 € 67.95


If we compare it to the previous version, the price has increased slightly.

But we must take into account, the original Real Whey already stood out for its low price, and even with this small increase, it continues to present one of the best prices on the market.

Let's put it in perspective with other supplements of the same kind on the market.


Real Whey without flavor Real Whey with flavor Aptonia Whey 9 Elite Whey ON Gold Standard Total Whey
Cost per 100g protein € 1.56 € 1.84 € 2.41 € 2.48 € 3.12 € 3.25


In the table are supplements that combine Whey Concentrate with Isolated Whey.

This could make this comparison unfair, were it not for the fact that Real Whey has the same, or better, quality than these blends.

Only the Whey 9 of Aptonia and the Gold Standard from Optimum Nutrition can be considered slightly superior to Real Whey, and only in the flavored version.

In the case of the tasteless version, it is basically equivalent.

But the real rival of Real Whey can be said to be not in the table.

We are obviously talking about the Impact Whey gives Myprotein.

Real Whey 1kg impact Whey 1kg Real Whey 2kg Impact Whey 2.5kg Real Whey 5kg Impact Whey 5kg
Cost per 100g protein € 1.82 € 1.81 € 1.56 € 1.50 € 1.46 € 1.33


These are the values for both proteins in the unflavored version.

As you can see in the table, as in the nutritional values, they are extremely similar.

Only in the 5kg version does Impact Whey have a significant advantage.

[toggle title="What is the cost per 100g of protein?” state=”close” ]The cost per 100g of protein is the calculation that tells you how much you will pay for 100g of pure protein, not 100g of supplement.

Example. Real Whey without flavor for every 100g has 82.40g of protein, that is, you need 121.36g of Real Whey to get 100g of real protein.

This is usually the most accurate and reliable method of calculating the cost of a protein, except in cases of aminospiking.[/toggle]

real whey prozis sport



The original version of Real Whey was already one of the best supplements you could buy in terms of Whey protein.

And now with the new version?

With this new version it has become even better.

It has a percentage of protein and excellent BCAA's, with no weak points to point out.

If what you are looking for is a quality Whey supplement without paying absurd prices, then Real Whey is an excellent bet.


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      We have no evaluation of the flavors since they are quite subjective, but of the experienced ones (4/5) the strawberry one was the favorite here.

  1. What is the protein content of this product? I noticed that in the comparison between the best whey, it is commented on the protein content, but in this review it is not mentioned.

      1. Even when in doubt about price and quality in relation to ON's Golden Standard, I bought it to try it out!

        Thanks for the reply and congratulations on your great work!

  2. Both boast of independent certification, which is not even on the website as they say, in any product.
    I asked for the certificate, they were making excuses for delays, remodeling, etc. until they said they didn't have it, that when they did they put it on the site ... I start to suspect the quality.


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