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Myprotein Total Protein supplement review

You’ve probably heard of the Myprotein, after all, is responsible for the famous Impact Whey, a high quality supplement at a very affordable price.

This brand, in addition to Impact Whey, also has the Total Protein in its line of proteins, but unlike Impact, Total Protein is a mixture of several proteins, and is considered a protein supplement with gradual absorption.

We have already analyzed several supplements of this kind on the website, such as Syntha-6 BSN or the Elite Fusion 7 from Dymatize, and until now, from what we have seen, this category of supplements has low protein concentration.

Fortunately, Total Protein do not follow this pattern as you will see in the analysis below.


There are not many ingredients, especially in the unflavored version, and this formula is essentially what matters - Protein.

If you want to see the complete and detailed list of ingredients, go through on here.

THE Myprotein used a mixture of various proteins, mainly from milk, with different absorption times.

  • Concentrated Milk Protein
  • This protein is 80% Casein and 20% Whey, that is, it is slow to absorb.
  • Concentrated Whey
  • Concentrated Whey is the most well-known protein in the supplementation world, and is an excellent protein source, with rapid absorption.
  • Isolated Whey
  • Similar to Concentrated Whey, but better. Less carbohydrates, less fats, better amino acid profile and faster absorption.
  • Albumin
  • This is the protein you find in the egg. It is a good protein source, with an intermediate absorption, faster than Concentrated Milk Protein, but slower than Whey protein.

In addition to protein sources, Myprotein also added Peptides from Glutamine and Flax seeds.

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Glutamine is an amino acid that can theoretically help in muscle recovery and have an anti-catabolic action, whereas Flax Seeds are a source of healthy fat, although the values present in this formula are low.

Finally, in the tasteless version we only have the presence of an emulsifier, while in the flavored versions we still have the normal addition of flavorings and sweeteners.See here)

It is an ingredient list that fulfills exactly what it promises, that is, it is a gradual, and apparently quality, protein supplement.

myprotein total protein

Nutritional value

 Dose / 60g%

First of all, these values represent the supplement in its unflavored version, in the vanilla flavored version the protein values drop by about 3%.

Each dose of this supplement is 60g, that is, Myprotein considers a dose of this supplement to be 2 scoops. This means, on the one hand, that we have more protein per shake, but also that the supplement lasts less time if we follow the indications of the brand.

More servings or more protein per serving? And with you.

Each serving consists of 46g of protein, a high value, but it is more reliable to look at the total protein content of the supplement, as each brand defines its own serving.

Myprotein's Total Protein features a protein content of 77%, which is a very good value when compared to most supplements in its category (gradual absorption protein).

In addition, the percentage of carbohydrates and fats is very good, as you will be able to confirm in the table below.


 Total ProteinSyntha-6Syntha-6 EdgeElite Fusion 7Combat Powder

We only used protein supplements in the same category as Total Protein, that is, gradually absorbed protein supplements.

Both the Elite Fusion 7 from Dymatize as the Syntha-6 and Syntha-6 Edge from BSN are very far away in terms of quality, with Syntha-6 having a protein concentration 31% lower than that of Total Protein. A huge difference.

The only one that comes close to the Total Protein protein content is MusclePharm's Combat Powder, although the carbohydrate values are 10% higher.

Looking at the table it is easy to say that Total Protein is a quality supplement.


The prices charged by Myprotein in its official site for Total Protein are as follows:

Cost Per Serving€ 1.09€ 0.98
Cost per 100g protein€ 2.32€ 2.11
Total cost€ 44.99€ 81.99

At first glance, the number of doses seems low and the cost per dose is high, this is due to the fact that each dose is made up of 60g of supplement, and consequently, 46g of protein per dose as mentioned above.

The truth is, if you use Total Protein as the brand indicates (2 scoops), the number of servings is low and the price per serving is high.

Does this mean that Myprotein Total Protein is an expensive supplement?

Not necessarily.

Note. We put the values of both versions, with and without flavor, for a more accurate comparison.


 Total Protein without flavorTotal Protein with flavorSyntha-6Syntha-6 EdgeElite Fusion 7Combat Powder
Cost Per Serving€ 1.09€ 1.15€ 0.97€ 0.79€ 1.40€ 0.88
Cost per 100g protein€ 2.32€ 2.55€ 4.66€ 3.30€ 5.90€ 3.58
Total cost€ 44.99€ 47.49€ 47€ 37.99€ 55.99€ 47.99

If we look only at the number of servings, and the cost per serving, only Elite Fusion 7 from Dymatize is worse than Total Protein.

However, as we have already explained in analysis previous, the most important value to evaluate in the price of a protein is the cost for each 100g of protein, since each brand defines its own dose.

What is the cost per 100g of protein?

The cost per 100g of protein is the amount you pay not per 100g of product / supplement, but the amount you pay per 100g of pure protein.

Example Total Protein in every 100g of powder, only 77% is pure protein. To have 100g of protein in Total Protein you need 129g of powder to reach the real 100g of protein.

This metric is the best way to analyze the price of a protein supplement, as it is not subject to the doses pre-established by the brands and makes the cost uniform among all protein supplements.

For example, with just half a dose of Total Protein (30g) you get 23g of protein, that is, 1g more protein than BSN's Syntha-6 in its full dose.

If you only use half a dose, which provides a sufficient amount of protein, the number of doses increases to 82 and the cost per dose decreases to € 0.54 in the unflavored version and € 0.57 in the flavored version, which are values excellent.

myprotein total protein

Where to buy?

You find Myprotein's Total Protein available on here.

If you want a discount on this supplement, try going through on here.


If you are looking for a gradual absorption protein supplement, the Total Protein doesn't disappoint, and it's probably one of the best in this category.

It combines quality sources of protein, a good protein content, low values of carbohydrates and low levels of fats.

In addition to the good quality, the price is good, especially when compared to the other products of this kind on the market, and is therefore a good bet.

More analysis? Are available on here.

Classification - 80%


User Rating: 2.08 ( 4 votes)

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