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Diet and Workout - Michelle Lewin

Diet and training of athlete Michelle Lewin

Michelle Lewin is a well-known athlete in the fitness world, with participation in several competitions and on the cover of several magazines.

This athlete measures 1.62m and weighs approximately 54kg.

Michelle Lewin does 5 weekly gym workouts, resting on Thursdays and Sundays.

Your training is simple, training each muscle group directly only once a week, except the legs, in which it gives greater emphasis.

The number of sets and repetitions it varies a lot between exercises as you will see below.

In addition to weight training, he also does cardio and especially enjoy high intensity exercise.

Monday – Back and biceps

Michelle Lewin

Tuesday – Hamstrings and Twins


Wednesday – Triceps and shoulders

Michelle Lewin Diet

Friday – Legs

Saturday – Sit-ups

Michelle Lewin


This athlete eats 7 meals a day and chooses to use carbohydrates only in the first 3 meals, eliminating them in the remaining ones and increasing the consumption of fat.

Below is Michelle Lewin's diet.

  • Meal 1
  • Oats with protein shake
  • Meal 2
  • Wase toasts with ham
  • Meal 3
  • Chicken breast with brown rice
  • Meal 4
  • Pork chop with salad
  • Meal 5
  • Steak with asparagus and spinach
  • Meal 6
  • Salmon with broccoli
  • Meal 7
  • Smoothie casein


Information taken from the website simplyshredded.com and Facebook.

Michelle Lewin website

Instagram Michelle Lewin

Facebook Michelle Lewin


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  1. Pork fat… Our grandparents and great-grandparents use only that fat .. They had more health than us… it's not like the vegetable oils that are killing you little by little… CANOLA mainly… In addition, our body needs saturated fats… And pork .. Believe me ... It is the best for consumption ... It is consumed in moderation ... Of course, not even she should eat every day ... And in the rest of the diet she prefers vegetables ...


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