Several articles about gym training, the best exercises to use, types of training, training plans and much more.

How to increase your glutes…quickly

Exercises, training and tips to help you develop your glutes…fast Glutes, the muscle group that the vast majority of women who go to the gym are looking to develop. And few things...

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Is it possible to lose belly with exercise?

Do abdominal exercises make you lose belly?

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Bench press or incline bench press, what is the best exercise?

Simply put, we can say that the pectoralis major is composed of a clavicular and a sternocostal head, better known as the upper and lower chest, respectively. In the flat bench press, both zones…

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7 exercises for impressive shoulders

Seven movements, not counting the variations of each one, that will give you excellent results. No ideas for shoulder exercises? Or simply looking to make the plan…

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Build your gym at home (economy version)

Training at home went from being an exception to something common given the current situation. Many were the ones who set up a small gym at home, or bought some material just to…

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8 chest exercises with dumbbells

Nowadays, and with the closing of the gymnasiums happening again, many have chosen to set up their own gymnasium. Or mini gym. Or maybe just ...

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The most important rule in the gym

There are a lot of factors at play in achieving good results in the gym. In food, you have the type of diet you follow, the foods you eat, when you eat them, the…

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What is the ideal diet and training for me?

Is there an ideal workout and diet for everyone? Of all the doubts, this is number one. Should I follow a low-carb diet or a diet…

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