Workout Plans

Here you will find several training plans to put in practice in gym training.

How to increase your glutes…quickly

Exercises, training and tips to help you develop your glutes…fast Glutes, the muscle group that the vast majority of women who go to the gym are looking to develop. And few things...

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Dumbbell workout plan

The gyms have already opened, many people have returned, but there are also many who are still standing behind. Although this plan can be used in a gym, use only…

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8 chest exercises with dumbbells

Nowadays, and with the closing of the gymnasiums happening again, many have chosen to set up their own gymnasium. Or mini gym. Or maybe just ...

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Yanita Yancheva, the training plan

The training plan for athlete Yanita Yancheva.

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Chris Bumstead, the training plan and the diet

Chris Bumstead athlete training, diet and supplementation plan

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Savannah Prez, the training plan and the diet

Savannah Prez athlete's training, diet and supplementation plan Savannah Prez is a 21 year old Belgian athlete with 1.60m and approximately 59kg. Your weight training…

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Andrei Deiu, the training plan and the diet

Athlete training, diet and supplementation plan Andrei Deiu Andrei Deiu is a promising 20 year old Romanian athlete in the Men's Physique category. It is 1.81m tall and…

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Taylor Vertucci, the workout plan and the diet

Taylor Vertucci's workout plan and diet

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