Nutrition articles for those looking to lose fat or gain muscle mass.

What is intermittent fasting, how to do it and what are the benefits

Learn everything you need to know about intermittent fasting, from how to do it to the science behind this approach.

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Is it possible to lose belly with exercise?

Do abdominal exercises make you lose belly?

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The most important rule in the gym

There are a lot of factors at play in achieving good results in the gym. In food, you have the type of diet you follow, the foods you eat, when you eat them, the…

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Foods (very) rich in Vitamin C

Foods rich in Vitamin C One of the most famous vitamins and especially in the winter is Vitamin C. Theoretically it helps to reduce the risk of colds, although studies show…

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What is the ideal diet and training for me?

Is there an ideal workout and diet for everyone? Of all the doubts, this is number one. Should I follow a low-carb diet or a diet…

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How many calories to use to gain muscle mass?

Calories to gain muscle Whether your goal is to lose fat, or gain muscle, you know that calories are essential. It is through the calories that you will get, or ...

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How much fat do I need per day?

Know how much fat you should consume daily in order to have good results Fats, also known as lipids, are an essential macronutrient, and you want to gain muscle mass or lose fat mass,…

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(Very) rich in magnesium

Increase your consumption of Magnesium with these foods It is a mineral and undoubtedly one of the most important for the human body, participating in immense processes. From protein synthesis ...

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