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BSN Syntha-6 - Analysis


O Syntha-6 is a BSN brand protein supplement, and contrary to the reviews we've been doing, it's not just a whey supplement, it's a product with a mix of various proteins.

We are going to use the nutritional values of the vanilla ice cream flavor to make this review, as these change slightly between aromas.

In addition to the vanilla ice cream flavor, Syntha-6 is available in several flavors such as strawberry, banana, biscuit/cream and chocolate smoothie.

As we have already mentioned, this product is not just a whey protein supplement, but a blend of various proteins, as we can see in the ingredients list below.


syntha ingredients 6

The ingredients are sorted by percentage of use, that is, the first ones are the ones that are in the greatest quantity in the supplement.

Knowing this, we look at the list of ingredients and the proteins that are most present in order are:

  • Concentrated whey, the most common form found in protein supplements.
  • Isolated whey, a superior form of whey, with high quality and fast absorption.
  • Calcium caseinate, a form of casein.
  • Micellar casein, an extremely slow absorbing protein source extracted from milk, a superior form of casein than calcium caseinate.
  • Isolated protein of milk, this is a mixture itself composed of whey and casein, as we find in milk but without the fats and sugars.

Finally we have albumin, which is the egg protein, which is of good quality and we can classify as intermediate absorption and also peptides from glutamine, because it is the last ingredient, the doses will be minimal.

We already know what proteins are used, but the list of ingredients is not yet halfway… let's summarize the rest.

Polydextrose is a sweetener, rich in fiber and low in calories.

Soy lecithin is high in fat.

Then we have ingredients like sunflower oil and corn syrup, which help with the flavor, but harm the rest.

We also have a small amount of MCT's, which are fats that can play an interesting role in fat loss.

And finally, flavorings and sweeteners(more).

Ingredients presented, let's move on to the nutritional value of BSN Syntha 6.

BSN syntha 6

Nutritional value

We already know that the Syntha-6 is a mixture of several proteins, and we already know the list of ingredients in more detail, that is, it's time to know now the nutritional values of this supplement.

The values shown are those of the vanilla ice cream version, European version.

48g 100g
Proteins 22g 45.83g
Carbohydrates 10g 20.83g
Fats 6g 12.50g


The first table refers to a dose of this supplement, ie, 48 grams, which is the number shown by the brand.

The second table is the values for each 100 grams of product.

Syntha-6 from BSN is a protein supplement with a protein content of 45%.

Is this bad?

No, this is not bad, this is terrible, this protein supplement is not even half protein.

Then, looking at the table, Syntha-6 is composed of 20% of carbohydrates and 12% of fats.

we criticized the MusclePharm's Iron Whey for having 18% of carbohydrates, and now we have a new sugar champion…the Syntha-6.

Furthermore, 12 grams of fat is too high.

Let's put these values face-to-face with two proteins, the Scitec Whey Professional and the Myprotein Impact Whey.

Syntha-6 Impact Whey Scitec Whey
Proteins 45.83g 82g 73.3g
Carbohydrates 20.83g 6g 7g
Fats 12.50g 6.8g 5.67g


Is it fair to compare a supplement made with a mixture of several proteins to whey-only supplements?

Maybe not, but it's also not fair to sell a theoretically premium protein supplement with a measly protein content of 45%.


The ingredients we already know, the (bad) nutritional value as well, now the price remains.

Values are always subject to change, but we used approximate values and within the average of what is found in online stores.

1300g 2270g
Doses 27 48
Cost Per Serving €1.14 € 0.97
Total cost €31.00 € 47.00


This supplement is available in two main formats as we can see from the table, the smaller 1.3kg and the larger 2.2kg.

In the smaller version each shake costs €1.14, while in the larger version the value drops to €0.97.

This means that we will pay between €1.14 to €0.97 for…22g of protein.

What about this value?

While 100% is not fair to compare whey-only proteins with blends, let's do it to put the price of Syntha-6 into perspective.

Syntha-6 2.2kg Professional Whey 2,3kg Impact Whey 2.5kg
Doses 48 78 100
Cost Per Serving € 0.97 € 0.67 € 0.31
Total cost € 47.00 €53.00 € 30.89


Professional Whey has a protein content of 73%.

Impact Whey has a protein content of 82%.

Syntha-6 has a protein content of 45%.

Therefore, the weakest supplement is also the one with the fewest doses, the most expensive per dose, and the second most expensive in total cost.

Where to buy?

You find this supplement available on here and you can still use the code GVIRTUAL to get a discount.

It is also available at Body & Fit.

BSN Syntha-6


O Syntha-6 is a supplement composed of several proteins, which can be interesting to use in meals other than post-training.

However, a protein supplement that has a protein content of only 45% is terrible, as interesting as the protein sources are.

A very low amount of protein, very high carbohydrate values, extra fat and a high price considering what you offer us.

Who can we recommend this protein to?

To nobody.

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